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#68391 Good Home Needed.

Posted by mildredsmam on 16 April 2018 - 01:45 AM in Tortoises For Sale or Rehoming

 We have a 45 year old tortoise, that requires a good home.

Free to collect for the right person/ family.

Hi if Sue can't help have you thought of contacting the TPG as they do a rehoming service, they look into finding your tortoise the best new home with the right set up, if it's some thing you would be interested in you can message Kay who runs this side of things here  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1350930252&ref=br_rs :) 

#68384 Chicory

Posted by mildredsmam on 07 April 2018 - 01:21 AM in Hermann Tortoise

Hi the Chicory will be fine to feed, here you go http://www.thetortoi...s/?plant=87&c=6 do you also grow weeds as well, I have two areas in my garden that I grow weed seeds so my tortoises can't get to them, I also plant the enclosure up but that doesn't last long lol, feeding the Violas are fine mine will eat both viola and pansy.  :)

#68380 At Last My Tort Has Been Outside

Posted by mildredsmam on 06 April 2018 - 04:21 PM in Off Topic Chat

Hi it's lovely to see them back outside after this very long winter, lovely pictures.  :) 

#68377 Is This Lamp Good For My Hermann Hatchling (I M Worried)

Posted by mildredsmam on 04 April 2018 - 03:59 PM in Hermann Tortoise

Hello , Sabina  thank you for the kind words.  I am sure that I did the best I could to help him while he is here ( I soak him everyday for a lil and have his subtray humid. All the things I worried , I found out that everyone  experienced them and they are normal in this level for a tort in its new home. I am sure that  where I found him his legs were hurt and almost dragged him self until today. This morning I saw him for the first time to really lift his shell so I guess he gets better. He is eating well and I provide him extra calcium. Also I threw away  the lamp I had and put his table under a semi sun - semi shade spot  and he bask until he is full of it the retreats in the shade under his favorite tree in the table. You are right about his freedom and it will be his very soon after I am sure that his legs are fine.

You have my regards and I didnt want any argument , I know its normal to worry extra with ur experience on the subject when you talk with a begginer but you don't need to worry. I'll keep him a couple of days until I see progress with his back legs and then I'll release him in a good spot I know.


I do agree with every thing Sue has said none of it has been said to upset you or cause an argument and not because your a beginner to the tortoise world, it has been said because you are so lucky to live in a place where tortoises live naturally and that must be lovely to see, and such a shame to keep one at your home when they have a choice to live free, we do in the uk try and replace natural enclosures as good as we can but we can't compare with what you have, i'm so pleased to hear your going to release this little one back into the wild where he/she will be better off, you've done a great job looking after him/ her but nothing comes close to nature.  :) 

#68359 Egg Shells?

Posted by mildredsmam on 02 April 2018 - 03:10 AM in Suitable Foods

Hi all,

i read somewhere recently about feeding your tortoise Egg Shells as an extra means of calcium, is this suitable? 

Queenie is always reluctant to eat a Cuttlefish bone (it just sits there for weeks uneaten), i sprinkle limestone flour onto her food every couple of days, but wondering if the egg shell trick might work too?

if so are chicken eggs suitable? Do they just go into the oven to be sterilised and then crushed down into her food?




Hi Nic,

They seem to eat Cuttlefish and lump chalk better when it's been outside for time and weathered off a bit, I have lump chalk in my set ups you can buy it from this lady, you can message her through facebook  https://www.facebook..._location=groupyou would also be best getting some Nekton msa which she has as well.  :) 

#68358 Tortoise Tables Uk

Posted by mildredsmam on 02 April 2018 - 02:59 AM in Links to Other Websites

I thought I would post this link here as I think this person is going to do really well in the tortoise world.  :) 

 Tortoise Tables UK

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#68350 Is This Lamp Good For My Hermann Hatchling (I M Worried)

Posted by mildredsmam on 01 April 2018 - 02:39 AM in Hermann Tortoise

Hi, I am a begginer in Tortoise care and I got this little cute  Hermann Hatchling . I bought a lamp (ReptilDay Halogen 50W) Lamp wich is used for both UV light and heat  . My tort doesnt have any problem yet and likes to stay under it but I notice that the little thing tries sometimes to look away or have its eyes closed .... Is it sleeping or it doesnt stand the light?   I firstly had the spotlight 35 CM away and i started getting worried so I put it 50cm away.  Do you know if this lamp is good or bad for my Tort or should I adjust the height? Wich height is the best?
I'll post pictures of the lamp box and the lamp itself.

Hi welcome to the forum.  :) 

This bulb is just a heat bulb and doesn't give off any uvb which is also needed, do you have another uv bulb or is it just this one you have, with this you need it to be at a height where the temperature under it is 32 that's the best temperature for your tortoise to bask under if it's been too hot under there your tortoise will move away, if this is the only bulb you have then it needs either replacing with a combined heat and uv bulb the Mega-ray bulb is one of the best around at the minute or you need an additional uv bulb, also it's hard to see but if the bulb holder is plastic I would change that to a ceramic holder as well as the plastic ones are not safe with the amount of heat given out hope that helps.  :) 

#68341 Back From Hibernation

Posted by mildredsmam on 28 March 2018 - 02:26 AM in Photo Gallery

Good to have all the babies back from hibernation.
This is a 3 year 9 month old youngster. Weighing in at 106 grams.

Well done, your babies are grown so lovely, I look forward to seeing how they look in years to come credit to you.  :) 

#68335 Picture Of The Indoor Enclosure

Posted by mildredsmam on 22 March 2018 - 03:40 AM in Indoor Enclosures

Hi Sabina,

Your table looks great I also plant the grass into the soil it works well that way, lucky torts.  :) 

#68334 My Female Big Biggi Starts In A New Year.

Posted by mildredsmam on 22 March 2018 - 03:38 AM in naturalistic keeping

Lovely photo's of her enjoying the sun, hopefully we get some sun soon lol.  :) 

#68326 Slide Show - Emerging From Hibernation

Posted by mildredsmam on 18 March 2018 - 03:01 AM in naturalistic keeping

Thank you Sue, yes i am very grateful to have the little monsters back on the ground, as this was the first hibernation they had with me :-)  And thanks again for all your advices!!

Yes good idea to put the post in the naturalistic section. Karen do you mind transferring the post?



Hi Sabina,

I've moved the post, it's really good thanks for posting it, it must be lovely having the little ones back up we now just need some nice weather.  :) 

#68317 British Chelonia Group Gifts Page.

Posted by mildredsmam on 10 March 2018 - 04:45 AM in Off Topic Chat

Here's a link to the British chelonian group page, they have some lovely items for sale including a new tea towel they also sell seeds.  :)  https://l.facebook.c...hc_location=ufi

#68292 Lamp Advice Please

Posted by mildredsmam on 23 February 2018 - 01:04 PM in Hermann Tortoise

Hi, im New to the forum and wanted to ask a question about lighting. I have just purchased a 100w Mega Ray bulb which came with a 22cm deep dome lamp fixture. Is this appropriate for my 4ft tortoise table? I only ask as it looks huge. Any advice would be appreciated.


Hi the bulb will be fine, did you get the holder from Mega-ray as well.  :) 

#68288 Book: Naturalistic Keeping And Breeding Of Hermann's Tortoises

Posted by mildredsmam on 23 February 2018 - 11:28 AM in naturalistic keeping



A lot of us on the forum highly recommend this book on Hermann Tortoises. 


Book name: Naturalistic keeping and breeding of Hermann's Tortoises

By: Wolfgang Wegehaupt




It is bit on the high end on pricing, however the very valuable content makes it totally worth buying.


I have been learning so much with this book about the Hermann tortoises: physiology, senses, characteristics, young vs adults, hibernation, diet, habitat in the wild, and how to keep them in the most naturalistic way in captivity and so much else.


This is website of Wolfgang Wegehaupt:





This is a really good book, worth the money.  :) 

#68283 Hello, I Am From Germany....

Posted by mildredsmam on 21 February 2018 - 04:56 PM in Introduce Yourself Here

Lovely to see them all outdoors eating naturally, just as they should be. Did you breed the smaller ones yourself? These photos would be great in the photo section. It woulD be good to have a section for naturalistic keeping, so that new keepers could see what a difference it makes. Ive got a little blind hermanni that also does well outdoors self feeding. She grows more slowly than the others but is still doing well. This is one of my sub adults last year.

I've hopefully added a new section Sue for naturalistic keeping.  :lol: 

#68282 New Forum.

Posted by mildredsmam on 21 February 2018 - 04:53 PM in naturalistic keeping

I've added this new part to the forum so you can all post pictures and give advice of naturalistic keeping.  :) 

#68281 Hello Everybody

Posted by mildredsmam on 21 February 2018 - 04:38 PM in Introduce Yourself Here



greetings from Germany again. Since last Summer I have got some herman tortoises and would like to know how they are kept in Germany and in other european countries. My hermans are hibernating in the fridge (4-6°C) right now.



Hi Anna, welcome to the forum.  :) 

Any questions you have just ask there's always someone around happy to help.  :) 

#68278 Hello, I Am From Germany....

Posted by mildredsmam on 21 February 2018 - 03:32 AM in Introduce Yourself Here

Well, I began to make photos in 2012/2013 here: www.boettgeri2012.blogspot.com


And then I added stories and photos and videos each year:



and so on.

Just change the year.



I would be pleased about a feedback here :)

Wow your set ups are lovely they look great, your tortoises are beautiful well done and thanks for sharing.  :) 

#68276 Hello, I Am From Germany....

Posted by mildredsmam on 20 February 2018 - 05:17 PM in Introduce Yourself Here

Hi German lady,  AglaiaPan 

We would love to see your tortoise enclosure pictures if you don't mind sharing it's always nice to see how others keep there's.   :) 

#68240 Hello, I Am From Germany....

Posted by mildredsmam on 17 February 2018 - 06:36 AM in Introduce Yourself Here

Hi welcome to the forum.  :) 

We look forward to hearing more about your lovely tortoises and how you keep them.  :) 

#68223 Is It Too Cold For My Tortoise?

Posted by mildredsmam on 11 February 2018 - 09:06 AM in Indoor Enclosures

I was hoping she will be able to go outside and stay outside but will follow any advice on what is best for her

You really need to have a heat source outside especially with little ones as they will cool down quite fast when the sun goes in and they would then just dig in, with heat outside they can go warm back up when they need too which means on dull days they can stay outside longer hope that helps.  :) 

#68220 New Roof

Posted by mildredsmam on 11 February 2018 - 04:49 AM in Outdoor Enclosures

I made a new roof for Harry's house today; it was only supposed to take an hour or two, but took me about seven hours from beginning to end.

The original lasted five years, so I hope this one proves just as durable.

I'm now numb, wet and freezing  :sob:




Hope Harry likes it.

Hi Graham,

It looks great I'm sure Harry will be pleased, not nice having to do these jobs in this weather at the minute, I keep saying i'm going to start tiding their enclosure up but it's a bit cold for me yet. :lol: 

#68219 Is It Too Cold For My Tortoise?

Posted by mildredsmam on 11 February 2018 - 04:43 AM in Indoor Enclosures

Thanks for your reply, Ill stick with the table I just wanted reassurance she will be ok. Yes I water the hide and the rest of the table each day and she has a water dish in her table which I have moved into the warm end to encourage her to use it more as I think it may have been too cold for her to go in. I also give her a bath almost every day. What should the humidity level be in a table? After reading other posts I have taken a log tunnel out which she sometimes slept under to encourage her to dig down every night (she does mainly do this). What temperature does it have to be outside when it gets warmer to move her to her outdoor enclosure? Many thanks

Hi welcome to the forum.  :) 

Do you have a heated area outside with a basking lamp in the outside enclosure, as this will make a difference, are you planning on her staying out all summer.  :) 

#68187 Hibernation

Posted by mildredsmam on 02 February 2018 - 04:13 PM in Hibernation

Hi Amanda,

I forgot to ask how the little one is doing now it's been on it's own for some time, has it started to gain some weight.  :) 

#68186 Hibernation

Posted by mildredsmam on 02 February 2018 - 03:38 AM in Hibernation

Hi Karen. Tiddles is doing well. He has 3 weeks left in hibernation. I'm really missing him now. I weighed him today and he is 122g so seems to have stabilised nicely. Feel more comfortable with the whole thing now. Thanks for asking Karen.
Amanda x

It's good to hear he's doing well.  :)