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#61577 Howdy!

Posted by 'Lucky' mum on 20 August 2014 - 08:11 AM in Introduce Yourself Here

Thank you so much Sue, it is good information to have so I can be prepared in any instance whilst torts are laying eggs.  Yes Eclipse did dig her nest and laid the first 5 eggs, but I just found the other in the dish a week later.  It may have been Miracle's instead as she did lay 1 infertile egg last year and left above ground, and did show signs of pregnancy earlier but I do feel as though it was another of Eclipses.  Again it does look white and chalky, it was a hot day and I don't think it had been there very long so it is in the incubator just in case.  I am happy with whatever we get and realise they may not all hatch but want to give them all the best chance.

#61574 Now To Introduce My Tortoise...

Posted by 'Lucky' mum on 19 August 2014 - 09:30 PM in Introduce Yourself Here

Looks great, looking at all the good ideas and pictures on this forum certainly inspires to create something fun, practical and original for the littleuns  :)

#61572 Now To Introduce My Tortoise...

Posted by 'Lucky' mum on 19 August 2014 - 09:17 PM in Introduce Yourself Here

Hi Mobile, can I ask what are you using as a base in your tort house?

#61571 Howdy!

Posted by 'Lucky' mum on 19 August 2014 - 09:04 PM in Introduce Yourself Here

Wow Old Tilly sounds wonderful, lovely to hear torts reaching 100  :wub:

#61570 Howdy!

Posted by 'Lucky' mum on 19 August 2014 - 09:00 PM in Introduce Yourself Here

Ohmygosh this is the reason I came to your lovely forum.  That sounds like complicated stuff to a newby like myself and makes me nervous.  I was with you up to the microwaved dental floss.  So I would tie one piece at each end, close to the torts and this would be fairly tight?  I am surprised that they would not take in the egg sack, not even one of them?  Also would they not try to wander off the cotton wool ball in the incubator, am just remembering Lucky was off once she had cracked the egg and got her feet out  :) I too have the temp at 31-32 as hope for girls.


When my torts were passed to me I was originally given only two girls and the one boy.  Eclipse being the bigger tort of the two was obviously the first to lay, this being her second year I got a little worried as she seemed very slow and wheezy.  It did seem to be a tough time for her (can understand this after all the eggs.  She laid the 5 and then a week later I found another lying in her water bowl.  As it was chalky white it has gone in the incubator, now making 6)  She does seem much happier and more herself again now so is this just common practice, I was worried about the pregnancies effect on her?

#61566 Howdy!

Posted by 'Lucky' mum on 19 August 2014 - 08:39 PM in Introduce Yourself Here

HI again Sue, sorry I think I misread your message when asking about age, you had said young or elderly.  Just also wanted to ask, would I still need to tie the egg sack off if both torts are alive and healthy or just leave them as they are?

#61565 Howdy!

Posted by 'Lucky' mum on 19 August 2014 - 08:33 PM in Introduce Yourself Here

Thanks Freddy, we have B&Q so I am sure I will find some.  :)

#61564 Howdy!

Posted by 'Lucky' mum on 19 August 2014 - 08:32 PM in Introduce Yourself Here

Hi Sue, wow thank you for your post.  I haven't candled them no, I didn't get on very well the first time round so just thought it best to leave them alone and wait.  First baby, Lucky,  came out around 8-9 weeks, exactly the time I had read was average.  These eggs would be due around second week in September (or as they decide is good enough for them  ;) ) The torpedo egg does look chalky white same as the others.  I am not too worried if they are twins or not, was just worried about the tying off bit if necessary and wanted to be prepared just in case.  I am very glad to hear that you know people who have had success, looking them up online the success rate didn't look too good.  I only found one instance where someones russian torts had survived.  Our baby last year was quite the surprise, it was only that I noticed the female behaving strangely and wondered what was wrong.  I then discovered she displayed exactly as described on the sites as the gravid female.  Panic set in then, wondering what to do and what was needed.  She had 3 eggs, stepped in one and one got a dint in the end against a stone.  Lucky was the only whole egg left and we were very lucky when she hatched.  It is very exciting and I can't believe there are so many whole eggs this time around. Is my Eclipse considered an elderly tortoise then at 14?  I had heard that it depended on size rather than age.


Thank you all so much for your help xx

#61562 Howdy!

Posted by 'Lucky' mum on 19 August 2014 - 08:19 PM in Introduce Yourself Here

Hi Freddy, thank you yes that does help.  It seems with torts there is so much that we can assume will be ok and not fully realise any side effects.  I have done so much research into torts since being given them to be re-housed but there is still so much more that I learn each day.  It will put my mind at rest to know that I am giving them the right environment over winter.  Can you buy the topsoil sterilised, is this a standard that you can buy from a garden centre?


Many thanks


Sue, Lucky's Mum

#61559 Howdy!

Posted by 'Lucky' mum on 19 August 2014 - 05:15 PM in Introduce Yourself Here

Hi Matt, thank you for your welcome and thanks for the advice.  I always thought I was giving them something fresher and cleaner with compost straight out of a bag, but topsoil from a bag would be ok?  Not enough garden soil to go around otherwise  :) Yes I also wiped the white stuff clear and she seemed ok afterwards but it had got up her nose and she was snuffling to try and get rid of it for a day or two.  Was a bit worried that it might have suffocated her somehow, torts must still breathe in hibernation?  None of the other torts had it though.

#61557 Howdy!

Posted by 'Lucky' mum on 19 August 2014 - 03:59 PM in Introduce Yourself Here

Hi Karen


Thank you for your welcome and for coming back to me. :D  I do usually put fresh compost into one big box for the torts but it could be that it gets damp, is there anything I could vary the soil with to keep it dryer, straw/hay maybe?

I'm not overly sure on the egg except to say there is room for two there and it does look as though it is whiter at each end and creamier in the middle, suggesting that the egg sack is in the middle and little shells at each end.  That is what it looks like.  Will post a picture of the shape.



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#61552 Howdy!

Posted by 'Lucky' mum on 19 August 2014 - 11:20 AM in Introduce Yourself Here

Hello all, am signing in for the first time  :winkgrin:


I am currently the happy owner of 4 Hermans girls, all around 14 years old.  We received them through family late in 2012 and we also have one boy around 12 years who is staying with family (girlies needed a rest).  We now also have 1 baby 'Lucky' who will be 1 years old in September.  Lucky came along unexpectedly last year, it was 'Eclipse's' first clutch and Lucky was the only egg that survived intact.  She is doing amazingly well and is such a character.  Will figure out a way to post her piccy shortly.


Eclipse and Dillon have been at it again this year and she has successfully laid 6 eggs!  One is that yellowy colour and so doesn't look fertile although I have kept it in the incubator just incase.  The others all look a healthy chalky white and so I am quite hopeful.  I am concerned about one of them however, it has been named 'Torpedo' as it's shape would suggest and I have reason to believe it may be twins.  Having researched online it looks as though there is not much success with twins and some sites suggest tying off the egg sack once the torts hatch, and that is if both torts actually survive.  If one dies before they hatch it could contaminate the egg sack and so the other would draw up all the bad.  Having read this I am really nervous and would appreciate any advice you have.  I would hate to see them in trouble or not survive, even if this can be a natural process when hatching.


My other question relates to hibernating, I have been hibernating our tortoises in earth, in a box, in a protected shed.  This seems to work well, except one tort had a white mould growing over her nose when she came up this year.  Would I be better with an earth and sand mix at all?


I appreciate any help you can give me xx

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