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27 December 2015 - 09:23 PM

Hi, I've just bought some from eBay anyway as you've recommend it, it' can't hurt to get it and just to be safe than sorry.

We'll do his tortoise table tomorrow but on your advice, I've just been to remove the grass/weeds etc (doing it at 9.45 pm, gosh I must love this tortoise).
Think they are very knowledable as they have a strong clientele and have been open for many years. They are happy for us to take him along for quick check ups & claw clipping as and when we need as they know we want to do the best for Darwin, we want the wee chap to have a comfortable life.
Thanks again, I really appreciate the advice

In Topic: Introducing Darwin

27 December 2015 - 07:35 PM

Hello and thank you. We are going for just top soil at his change of substrate this week. We left the grass & weed (clover/dandelion) as my chum said it might be good for him to walk on to improve his movement etc. She has three 12 yr old tortoises who live out doors in the summer.
There is so much different advice. We'll remove the grass/weeds when we make the box 100% top soil and finally remove the clippings. (He rairly goes in the soil area as he seams not to like it but will have to get used to it from the next substrate change.)
The uv bulb was 2 months old as she changed it before she went on holiday (2 months ago), we have purchased spares of the heat bulb and UV bulb as I didn't want to not have one if they went. Thank you for the supplement link, we bought some just like it from our local exotic species shop who have been very helpful. We took him them two weeks ago to trim his claws.
Thank you for the advice

In Topic: Introducing Darwin

26 December 2015 - 09:19 PM

He is much happier now he has access to natural food, 1/3 of his habitat is 'grass', 1/3 top soil, 1/3 beech (just so he gets used to his new habitat gradually. Next week is when we change the substrate so will go on to just top soil/grass.
I've double checked the UVb light he came with and its the correct type for him. Thanks

In Topic: Introducing Darwin

25 December 2015 - 08:45 PM

Thank you Sue, No the first vet we took him to was our family vet who takes care of our other animals. He said it wasn't his specialty and was very honest, gave us the numbers of a few vets to go but said he wasn't in visible pain and in need of immediate emergency treatment there and then. He is booked into a specialist vet who had been recommended to us from our local exotic species shop in the area. The guys really know their stuff.
They have given us fabulous info and support as we wanted to do the best for him from now on.
Yes he walks low to the ground but gets a fair old speed up when he wants to.
He visibly so much happier in the month that we've had him. Many thanks

In Topic: Introducing Darwin

24 December 2015 - 02:40 PM

Hi Karen,
I think the lady was well meaning but really didn't do the best for him. I asked how often she bathed him, the answer being never. And she fed him lots of broccoli and tomatoes.
He came with the wood chipping and she said he didn't like top soil but we are gradually introducing bigger and bigger areas of top soil so eventually that's all he has. I have given him a bath about 2-3 days and he really likes it. The lady who had him, got him at 2 years old and has had him for 7 years, so about 9.

He hasn't lost any weight. We clearly had no idea what to do with a tortoise when she decided not to have him anymore and gave him to us, so we spent a week of reading, book surching and Internet research before we had the right info and felt confident.
A month on and he is a very happy chap, extremely curious & clearly enjoys the company of our cat.
Should I worry about his shell? The vet said he is doing ok & wasn't worried but was concerned he didn't have the best start. Hopefully we can give home a happy, long life.
I really apriciate the advice.