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New Tortoise Won't Eat!

06 September 2015 - 08:57 AM



I got little Gonzalez (15 months old) about 2 weeks ago now and he hasn't eaten anything I've given him. I've dried dandelion, clover, grass, different lettuce types, cress, parsley, basil, rose flowers as well as trying to tempt him with a tiny piece of strawberry which he also refused to touch...


My mum had a Hermann when I was younger so I have a rough idea of expected behaviours, however Gonzalez is the first tort of my own.



He has an indoor tortoise table with a 50:50 sand/soil mix, a MVB bulb at one end (32 degrees at shell height) and the cold end is 18-20 degrees, as well as an outdoor enclosure.


He is getting daily baths but only drinks a 2-3 mouthfuls. He has a large pond style water dish on the tortoise table but I've never seen him drink from it, only walk though it and get muddy. He has passed one lot of urates last week which seemed to be a good creamy consistency.


He is still pretty active and loves to climb over everything but seems to bury himself and sleep a lot (4pm-9am lsat night).


Is this normal behaviour? I know that moving to a new home will be stressful for him, but surely by now he should be eating something?? I'm going to get some accurate scales today to monitor his weight but I'm concerned that at this rate he will start to lose too much weight to be able to hibernate safely this winter.


If anyone has any advice/tips please let me know!


Laura & Gonz