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28 January 2014 - 11:51 AM

Hi there,


we just got a 18 month old Hermann for our daughter, we've done loads of research before committing but have a couple of questions.


Q1. we put the heat lamp on at 730 each morning but by 10.30 he's still sleeping, is this normal or encourage him to wake from his slumber?


Q2. at this time of year when it's difficult to get weeds etc and it's a very steep learning curve to recognise good V bad can anyone recommend the best dried food to keep us going, i've looked around so many forums,websites and it's quite daunting what people use / recommend. i've seen a lot of people use Pre Alpin FibreTortoise Food, is this the best one?


thanks in advance but we really do want to give the wee thing the best possible start in its new home.