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19 August 2014 - 11:20 AM

Hello all, am signing in for the first time  :winkgrin:


I am currently the happy owner of 4 Hermans girls, all around 14 years old.  We received them through family late in 2012 and we also have one boy around 12 years who is staying with family (girlies needed a rest).  We now also have 1 baby 'Lucky' who will be 1 years old in September.  Lucky came along unexpectedly last year, it was 'Eclipse's' first clutch and Lucky was the only egg that survived intact.  She is doing amazingly well and is such a character.  Will figure out a way to post her piccy shortly.


Eclipse and Dillon have been at it again this year and she has successfully laid 6 eggs!  One is that yellowy colour and so doesn't look fertile although I have kept it in the incubator just incase.  The others all look a healthy chalky white and so I am quite hopeful.  I am concerned about one of them however, it has been named 'Torpedo' as it's shape would suggest and I have reason to believe it may be twins.  Having researched online it looks as though there is not much success with twins and some sites suggest tying off the egg sack once the torts hatch, and that is if both torts actually survive.  If one dies before they hatch it could contaminate the egg sack and so the other would draw up all the bad.  Having read this I am really nervous and would appreciate any advice you have.  I would hate to see them in trouble or not survive, even if this can be a natural process when hatching.


My other question relates to hibernating, I have been hibernating our tortoises in earth, in a box, in a protected shed.  This seems to work well, except one tort had a white mould growing over her nose when she came up this year.  Would I be better with an earth and sand mix at all?


I appreciate any help you can give me xx