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In Topic: I Can't Fiind Namaste Who Is My 3 Years Old Hermann Baby

16 September 2018 - 01:52 PM

Thanks god I found it! I was buried about 15cm deep in the soil inside the cold frame. Phew.....

Great news, panic over been there myself you don't think you'll ever find them.  :)

In Topic: I Can't Fiind Namaste Who Is My 3 Years Old Hermann Baby

16 September 2018 - 02:37 AM



Today was the last day and last night planned outdoors for my two Hermann babies. And tomorrow morning i wanted to get them back indoors.

However today it was impossible to find one of them (Namaste) in order to put it inside the cold frame for the night. I searched everywhere for about 45 minutes inside the enclosure, and no traces of Namaste, no clues left. It is impossible to escape from the enclosure, so it is dug somewhere. The last time i saw Namaste was at around 2pm today basking under the sun, that was when I was checking on both of them.


Hopefully tomorrow it will reappear, but my worry is that now it is not really warm and sunny to stimulate it to emerge.


What can i do? I must find it over the next few days.


Thank you




Hi Sabina,

If he doesn't come out when the temps pick up today then your going to have to look for him, he's obviously dug down some where in the enclosure it's now just finding him, I would start looking near plants that you have in there and go from there good luck.  :)

In Topic: Trying To Hibernate Already?!

15 September 2018 - 04:05 AM

I don't have heat overnight, just during the day. She's never done this before so I assumed it was her trying to hibernate, but given that she has been out basking in the sun all day I was shocked. Do you think its ok to continue leaving her outside for now? She's not due to start her wind down for hibernation until December.


For young tortoises digging down over night is what's best for them, if their too warm then they don't always do this so she's doing what comes natural to her with the temperature drop, it's good to hear she's still getting up and basking in the sun and eating but at this time of year they need both basking and back ground heat especially over night so if this can't be achieved over night then it would be best to bring her indoors now, hope that helps.  :)

In Topic: Lump Chalk.

14 September 2018 - 03:22 AM

I find my tortoises eat the chalk a lot better when it's been left outside to weather off, my chalk stays in their enclosure right through winter ready for the spring.  :)

In Topic: Trying To Hibernate Already?!

14 September 2018 - 03:00 AM

I'm having a mild panic!
I just went to check on my tortoise this evening as I always do and I couldn't find her.... When I eventually did I found that she had buried herself in the soil, Completely covered,
Is she trying to hibernate?! I know the temp got a little low last night but still not below 8 degrees, plus this morning I woke her with a bath, she's been fed and she basked in the sun all day....
I'm really worried
Do you have any advice at all?


It's normal for tortoises to dig down over night when temperatures are low it doesn't mean she's trying to hibernate, do you have any heat in there for her for over night.  :)