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Picked Up My Little Man Today! Help Heat Mat....

01 September 2012 - 01:04 PM

hi i have picked up "dinosaur" today...he came with a home as we got him off a friend who can no longer have him....he is only 1 :O)
just a quick question......there is a heat lamp and uv light on one side of the table, but next to the heat lamp on the "wall" there is a heat mat....does he need this? i thought ur not supposed to use heat mats....?

Help / Advice Needed Before I Pick Up Our New Addition To Family!

30 August 2012 - 08:04 PM

hi everyone, I stumbled upon this site and it looks great!
I just have some questions to ask...we pick our tortoise up on saturday....
When it says i can feed him dandilions...does that mean i can just go outside and pick some or do i need to grow them? lol in certain soil?
How often can i handle him? will he like it? he is about 1year old and i am only presuming him to be a boy....he is going to be named dinosaur... :O)
if i grow things in his table does it need to be a certain soil then? do i cook things b4 i give it to him ie. butternut squash and carrot?
Can he roam around the living room with us like at night time?
and do i need to do anything to get him into a day/ night routine...?
i know these r silly questions but i just want to be armed with as much info as i canbefore we pick him up :O)
Saturday cannot come quick enough!!!
p.s i have a little boy (2years) are tortoises prone to biting? My little boy is very quiet and will obv be supervised....