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#1 Guest_pies_*

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Posted 21 August 2007 - 03:32 PM

[updated:LAST EDITED ON 21-08-07 AT 03:35 PM (GMT)]Hi everybody. Here's a pic of our two Med Spur Thigh Pies taken a few weeks ago on a warm sunny day, tucking in to a little dandelion. We often let them out of thier pen while we are in the garden, and Big 'un (on the left) goes like a bat out of hell all round the garden & patio. Little 'un (on the right) is a little more sedate.
The trouble at the moment is this cold weather. I'm reluctant to bring them indoors to warm, only to put them out again in the cold. As for keeping them indoors, well Big 'un would kick up a right stink. He does not like to be indoors at all. The other day we brought them in to warm and wander & he kept going to back door, peering out into the garden. They are 4yr old sisters and we don't want to seperate them, but if we put them back in their indoor pen (a frontless 54" x 18" vivarium) while Little 'un would be OK, Big 'un goes bonkers, charging around like a rhino, which is not good for him or Little 'un, who gets trampled on. On a bad day (like today) they don't even venture out of the hide, a raised plywood box lined with newspaper & stuffed with shredded newspaper. I just don't know what to do for the best. How is everyone else managing?

#2 Guest_squirrelann_*

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Posted 21 August 2007 - 04:10 PM

have you thought of maybe trying to put a heat lamp in the outside house, also newspaper isn,t very good for them, its not very warm and I beleive the ink can be poissonous its only really used in sheets for sick torts. hemp or aubiose is much warmer and they can bury themselves or even a mix of soil and sand, mine have wooden insulated houses with access to their enclosures with a heat bulb in each which has been on the last few days due to the miserable weather, its relatively simple to either run a cable to their house or get an outside extension cable and my lamp is just a red heat bulb in an ordinary holder, but its enough to warm them and their houses and the insulation means the houses retain the heat, if you can,t do this then bringing them in to warm up and then putting them outside is the only other option, they are far better outside even when the weather is horrible as long as they have somewhere warm and dry to get in.

#3 Guest_jadums_*

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Posted 21 August 2007 - 07:47 PM

Agree with squirrel ann

I have the same prob, I don't have lights though. Today was the first day my older spurs didnt venture out. Although my hermanns were nibbling today.

I still keep them outside because as you say they hate it inside. My new venture is now to put a clear plastic roof on the top of their half insulated house so that any sun or warmh does begin to tnaturally heat the house. As they come out of their house they come into a polytunnel which is on tarmac so they also get warm, from there. But the rain is keeping my task on hold at the mo.

However, on the other side of things. My torts are all healthy weights for hibernation at the mo becuase hwn it was warm they ate loads and havent used much energy since beause of the weather so weight is still good.

My friend who has our groups rescue torts at her house is finding lots are coming down with RNS even though she has ligths and my old female spur also developed it three wks ago and the tort vet said it all cos of the weather. Doesnt matter if its warm due to lights, they know what the weather is actually like.

bring on the sunshine is all i can say, otherwise looks liek it will be a very early hibernation this yr

#4 Guest_squirrelann_*

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Posted 21 August 2007 - 08:10 PM

Hi Jade I,d thought of putting a clear roof on mine but was worried that I,d lose the insulation, that the heat would be lost, do you know of a clear roof that would still be insulating, the trouble is if the heat can,t escape would it also not work the other way that the suns heat wouldn,t get in, my houses work so well they stay cool in the heat and hot when I want it, any suggestions? Ann

#5 Guest_jadums_*

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Posted 22 August 2007 - 05:28 PM


I willlet you know how it works out. only just finished it about 10 mins ago :P my hands r very sore now as no power dril lonly a basic screwdriver :P

I only did it because the weather i sso bad at the mo. am going to pop the thermometer in there tonight and see how it goes.

Yours sounds really good tho, no need to change it i wouldnt have thought. i am going to slowly insulate mine. the floor is odne and one of the sides but wil eventually do all of it :)

#6 Guest_Jo_1984_*

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Posted 22 August 2007 - 07:21 PM

I have done that with my adult hermanns outside house, it seems to work quite well :) Was worried it would get too warm in their on the warmer days, but on the few really sunny days we have had he has still used his house to get out of the heat :)
We originally only put the perspex pannel on the roof to see if he was in their at nite, but realised afterwards it helps him to get up n going on cooler days :)
Jo x

#7 Guest_pies_*

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Posted 26 August 2007 - 03:32 PM

Thanks for all the ideas. It's been sunny and warm the past few days & both my pies (torts) have been getting out in the sun. I did get a cloche from B&Q a while ago & sliced it into halves so they would have somewhere to shelter from the rain & make the most of what little sun did show through the clouds. I quite like the idea of a perspex roof for the hide, and a cloche might be the best option since they have open/close vents. As for a red lamp, because the hide has a very low roof, I would need to re-build their present one to make enough headroom for the fitment. So I'll try a cloche first.
Only trouble with that is, the top of the enclosure is too low, so I'll have to do something about first.
Here's hoping the weather stays as it is today

#8 Guest_pies_*

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Posted 26 August 2007 - 04:03 PM

I've just ha a thought. B&Q sell cloches for about 5.00 each, so I'll get one to fit on top of the hide during cool daylight hours and a second to put on top of the first, seperated by a 10mm baton fixed to the rim, to give it a double glazing effect on bad days. That should solve the insulation problem. Should cost no more than 15. Cheap at twice the price.

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