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Living Outdoors Permantly - Eek!

18 April 2018 - 11:53 AM

Hi all,

I am looking to move Queenie outside more permanently this year. i've been wanting to do this for some time but always been quite nervous, but i understand how important it is for her.


Shes 8 years old and had her first successful hibernation at the end of last year. Normally in the summer months i have been putting her outside in her enclosure, but then bringing her in once the sun goes down back into her indoor enclosure. I know this isnt ideal as it doesn't help to regulate her body temperate, hence the need to get her outside full time.


I have some questions i was hoping you could help with, I've read a few of the other comments on here but just wanted clarity please. 

i have an outdoor enclosure, it has a mixture of top soil and soil that i buy from Pets At Home, there is a large water bowl for her to drink out of daily and it has a chicken wire cover over it to stop predators.

i am going to buy a wooden rabbit hide house for her to go into in the evening, once the sun sets.

  • Do i need extra heating / light for her overnight? if so can you recommend anything please. 
  • On days that the weather is unpredictable (rain etc) is it still ok to leave her outside? Can she still stay out overnight? what sort of temps should i be looking at bringing her inside?

Currently when indoors Queenie has a Megaray bulb, attached to a clamp, which i put on in the morning & turn off when the sun sets, would this work outdoors or do i need something in particular?


sorry for the long post, anything you can do to help will be much appreciated!





Egg Shells?

01 April 2018 - 11:47 AM

Hi all,

i read somewhere recently about feeding your tortoise Egg Shells as an extra means of calcium, is this suitable? 

Queenie is always reluctant to eat a Cuttlefish bone (it just sits there for weeks uneaten), i sprinkle limestone flour onto her food every couple of days, but wondering if the egg shell trick might work too?

if so are chicken eggs suitable? Do they just go into the oven to be sterilised and then crushed down into her food?




Are Any Of These Edible?

12 February 2018 - 01:03 PM

Hi all,


Can anyone tell me if any of these are edible for Queenie please? They have grown out of nowhere in the last week or so. 




Humidity Query

03 January 2018 - 08:40 AM

Hi all,


Happy New Year to you all.


I have a query regarding humidity that i was hoping someone could help me with.

I've seen conflicting comments online on different websites about how we control the humidity for our torts. 


I use the ProRep Tortoise Life substrate from Jolly's, currently I am spraying the soil every morning, just like you would water a plant (but not quite as powerful) so the soil is slightly damp rather than wet. Some websites say not to wet the soil as it can cause shell rot, but some say to keep it damp?!


Can anyone help to clarify for me please?


On another note, Queenie has just completed her first hibernation which im really happy about, shes back to eating and im bathing her regularly, she hasnt been for a wee yet but im hoping this will happen in the next few days with regular bathing. 


Thank you,


Shell Advice Please

05 August 2017 - 09:01 AM

Morning all,

I was giving Queenie her bath this morning, she has one 3 times a week, i was drying her off when I noticed some problems with her shell. It looks like part of her shell underneath has come off, I'm really sad and anxious to see this.

She has been completely fine in herself and this must have only happened within the last week as i check her regularly. 


Her appetite is great, in fact you would think i starve her the way she rushes across to her food each morning! I was a little concerned recently that she wasn't going to the toilet as regularly as she used too, but this seems to have returned to normal. 

She has a really good and varied diet. 


Do you think she could have just caught her shell on some rocks in her enclosure?


i have included two pictures here, hopefully you can see this as my camera wasn't great!


I was worried about shell rot, but i really cant see how she would get this. 


Any help would be really appreciated today as I am worried now :(


Thank you,