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#64504 Lost Tortoise

Posted by Zara on 23 July 2015 - 11:31 AM in Hermann Tortoise

Found him!!!!
Feeling renewed by you, I looked all last night and again this morning - he was in the last bush to search of the garden, deep, deep down underneath the roots. My trowel only just touched him. He's been there for almost 6 weeks and amazingly still the same weight!
Absolutely thrilled to see him. Thanks so much.

#64502 Lost Tortoise

Posted by Zara on 22 July 2015 - 04:40 PM in Hermann Tortoise

We put our tortoise out in our walled garden (on June 18th) and he has completely disappeared. It's impossible for him to get out anywhere - the only space is a gap under the wooden gate but I had tested it by previously trying to get him underneath and there was no way the arc of his shell could fit.
We are obviously really upset and baffled where he could get to. There is no way he could have been stolen as the garden isn't overlooked and has very high walls.
We have dug and dug, trying to find him.
We rehomed him from a school last year where he had always been kept in a box so I wonder if he hasnt very much natural behaviour and he does like to bury himself away. We also gave him a shorter hibernation this year as he was quite underweight when we got him and I wonder if he has gone into hibernation mode again but it has been such warm weather lately. Has anyone got any ideas/advice?
Thanks so much.