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In Topic: New Outdoor Enclosure 2015! Help Please!

23 January 2015 - 12:10 AM

Sorry for the delay guys had lots of problems with worms lately so haven't had much time on the computer or phone after work,

Pics of various materials etc will be uploaded!

In Topic: New Outdoor Enclosure 2015! Help Please!

11 January 2015 - 03:02 PM

Hi :) just started to buy all of the bits and pieces like a cold frame etc just need some decking now to build the side walls and it started very soon! Il upload some pics etc later of my ideas I've drawn up and things I've brought!

Thanks for asking, Jay.

In Topic: Help With Hermann I Have Had Since 2002

07 January 2015 - 10:37 PM

That little enclosure (zoo med) is ideal seeing as you've already got it even though it might be a bit small it's better than a viv or terrarium!

Yes those chips are a Nono! Top soil all the way with a few pebbles/rocks and small logs etc to help keep the claws trimmed down and having things for him to ramble over will help stimulate his muscles in his legs making them stronger!

Ditch that pelleted food don't even re sell it, it's terrible for them as it's high in proteins and carbs which they do not need! They need ideally an all weed diet as it's high in calcium and fibre for easy passing through the gut and bone and she'll growth!

Try cuttlefish this may help trim the beak when he nibbles on it also get a piece of slate to eat his food off (don't put this near the basking lamp as it can burn his underneath if it gets hot!) eating off the slate will help trim the beak!

Also use florette crispy salad mix (bagged) from supermarket if you cannot find any weeds, it's better! And use some Nekton Msa supplement (eBay) which is to be put on your hand and blown over the food just enough to slightly dust it (I also do this with limestone powder off eBay!).

If your going to keep him outdoors you'll just need a basking lamp which could be rested on the mesh top providing it's not raining etc! Il try and show you what I'm going to do with an enclosure for outdoors as soon as I can!
If you going to use the zoomed enclosure you'll need some form of uva/uvb lighting like arcadia t5 d3 + 12% desert which can also be found on eBay with the arcadia controller etc to make them work!

Il explain more through messages!

In Topic: Help With Hermann I Have Had Since 2002

06 January 2015 - 11:12 PM

At the other end of the viv it's going to be hard to reach lower temps of about 20 ish which would be ideal, for now if you can get hold of an old bookcase you could turn that into a tort table? Just an idea, hope everything works out for the best :)

In Topic: Help With Hermann I Have Had Since 2002

06 January 2015 - 11:09 PM

Ideally he needs a basking spot of 31-33 degrees centigrade with a bright white basking bulb/lamp. Also ensure that the uv light in changed regular every six months or sooner as ther deteriorate so fast!

Best substrate is just damp topsoil a couple of inches or so deep so he can burrow a bit of he feels the need to thermoregulate, damp substate underneath and dry on top will help his shell growth a bit and aid in water intake through the cloaca!

I've brought most of my bits from b&q and on eBay if that helps or builders yards etc still got a lot to do and buy but il upload some pics in the next few months when it's finished!

I hope this helps and haven't anything!