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Hermans Tortoise Size & Weight

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#1 Guest_davidlee9_*

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Posted 18 December 2005 - 04:06 AM

How big will my Hermans Tortoise get, and how long will it take to reach adulthood? I would like to know expected range of shell length, shell width and weight. Please help.

David Lee

#2 Guest_amy_smith33_*

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Posted 18 December 2005 - 09:29 AM

Hi David

I think this is really hard to answer, as a lot of things have to be taken into concideration.
No two hermanns are the same, average length would probably be 10-12ins long. But could be smaller or larger.
Growth depends on how they are fed, and the conditions they are kept in. Most experienced keepers will go for slow steady growth. About 2-3grms a month. In an open topped enclosure, with UVB lamp for heat and light or a 5%UVB tube and spotlight.
Time to adulthood can be upto 20yrs depending on the tortoise.
Tortoise husbandry is not an exact science:) just like us.

#3 Guest_p1glet_*

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Posted 18 December 2005 - 10:46 AM

Hi David
It depends on what type of hermans you have where they originated from for instance testudo hermanni hermanni is a small speciecs some times called pygmy hermans these rearly exceed 6inches striaght carapace length while testudo hermanni boetgeri can reach 12inches especially females, males tend to be much smaller about 7-9 inches , the newly imported slovenian hermans are now refered to as tesudo hermanni hercegovinensis they reach adult lengths of around 7inches. Where your animals captive uk bred if so they may be hybrids of the said speices as most article 10's only state the scientific name testudo hermanni as many breeders don't no the exact location of there animals check your paper work for country of oigin.
Hermans are generally slow to mature captive reared animals mature sexually much quiCker than they would in the wild males will often become sexually active at as little as 4yrs old females may start produceing eggs at only 9 yrs old of course this should be discouraged as this can course egg retension problems , if you observe sexual activity and your animals are young you may have to seperate hope this helps

#4 Guest_Jo_Lo_*

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Posted 18 December 2005 - 02:19 PM


Is there any way to determine the tesudo hermanni hercegovinensis species? I recently acquired a 2002 hermanns and did not get a very in depth history. The Cities that came with Reus actually stated Spur thigh UK captive bred. I explained this to DEFRA when changing cert to my name and told them she is definetly a hermanns. However when I received the cert in my name they stated her as hermanns but her country of origin was Germany. Issuing officer has explained that records pertaining to previous cert no.s gave them this information. basically I'm still unsure of the sub species.


#5 Guest_p1glet_*

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Posted 18 December 2005 - 02:42 PM

Hi jo
Yes you can tell quite easily t. hermanni boetgeri has an extra thigh scute on the inguinal scute just on the inside leg area but hercegovinensis doesn't its very difficult to describe without a picture but eygptiandan posted some information on this site showing how to tell the difference check it out. http://www.turtletim...hp?showforum=37 this is a a turtle-tortoise site and exellent at that if you scroll down to terrific tortoises then click the page go to page two and scroll down to 30th november you will see dans pictures on how to identify boetgeri from hercegovinensis he may repost on here when he reads this thread

#6 Guest_Jo_Lo_*

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Posted 18 December 2005 - 03:06 PM


Reus is 3 yrs old & weighs 280g and has the scute

#7 Guest_egyptiandan64_*

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Posted 18 December 2005 - 03:14 PM

I'll post the pictures here too.
This is Testudo hermanni boettgeri. They have an inguinal scute.
Posted Image
This is Testudo hermanni hercegovinensis. They don't have an inguinal scute.
Posted Image
Here's my female T.h.hercegovinensis
Posted Image
and my male
Posted Image

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