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In Topic: New Owner, Not Sure How To Hibernate

30 December 2014 - 11:33 AM

Thank you everyone for your replies, very helpful. It all makes perfect sense when you hear someone else saying it, like you say I have only had him for 2 days now so it will take a while to get to know him and how he is behaving. It looks like I won't be hibernating him this winter, I will follow your advice with the length of light etc. Is there anything else I should do when overwintering them? Do you change their diet? How much should they be eating?


I have already started planning for his enclosure next spring! My father in law has a 50 year old spur thighed that lives in an enclosure so I will get some tips from him as well. I don't think he has ever been outside so he is going to love being out and about next year.