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#1 Guest_wendy x_*

Guest_wendy x_*
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Posted 28 February 2007 - 03:21 AM

I need urgent help my tortoise is at the vets at the moment, been there for two days now, my tortoise stopped eating and has lost a lot of weight and is dehydrated, just looking at my tortoise the vet said she has kidney failure, and nothing can be done and thinks to have the tortoise put to sleep, he has been tube feeding her a few times and done a blood smear, he said the blood was very thin, and low red blood cells, so yes its kidney failure. I live in Birmingham UK and want to take my tortoise for a second opinion. I first noticed something was wrong was when she tried to eat, she was spitting it out, as if it tasted horrible, she done that for a day or two, then refused anything. URGENT HELP NEEDED

#2 Guest_l1277702_*

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Posted 28 February 2007 - 11:34 AM

Hi Wendy,

So sorry to hear your tort's ill. I'm not an expert so don't know how much I can help, but this is the address of a vet from the vets list on this site, so I assume they have a tortoise specialist there.


TEL: 0121 7061870

I hope it's somewhere close to you.

Keep us updated on how she gets on.

Beth x

#3 Guest_Jo_1984_*

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Posted 28 February 2007 - 02:21 PM

Hi Wendy, really sorry to hear about your tort :(
If your vet does not specialise in treating tortoises, i'd say its definatley a good idea to take her to a vet like the one beth suggested, to get a second opinion. Vets knowledge on furry animals is great, but often they know very little about tortoises.
Do keep us updated
Jo x

#4 Guest_lepinsky_*

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Posted 28 February 2007 - 08:06 PM

Hi Wendy,

I'm so sorry that your tortoise is ill. There are a lot of people on the Shelled Warriors forum who live in or around Birmingham, and I will post on there now to see if anyone can recommend a good vet. Will get back to you a.s.a.p.


#5 Guest_lepinsky_*

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Posted 28 February 2007 - 09:59 PM

[updated:LAST EDITED ON 28-02-07 AT 10:03 PM (GMT)]Hi Wendy,

I knew there was someone good. She might not be in Birmingham, but she's supposed to be a fantastic tort vet - and charges reasonable prices too, is really nice, and doesn't talk down to you. I'm sure if you phoned her she'd be happy to talk to you and tell you if she thought it was worth a visit.
She is called Hannah Bould and she's at the Friarswood Veterinary Centre (which I think is in Newcastle-under-Lyme). I know that's not exactly in Birmingham, but other people in Birmingham say she's worth the trip.
The phone number is 01782 615698, and make sure you ask for Hannah.

Good luck. I hope this helps, and I'll be thinking about your little tort. Do let us know how you get on.


#6 Guest_stella_*

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Posted 16 March 2007 - 08:32 AM

Hi Wendy,
Sorry to take so long replying,I had some some sort of breakdown with my computer, so I hope now your tort is ok. I too had a problem with my little leopard not eating and spitting the food out, took both of them to vet who recommended worming and treatment for some parasite that lives in the gut,also advised to split them up as the bigger female might be stressing him out,took his advice and now he is eating and has put a tiny bit of weight on. I hope this helps and your tort gets better soon.

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