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In Topic: New And Looking For Advice

04 December 2012 - 05:10 PM

Thats partnership!....my empathy and sympathy on this one...you'll need to change the substrate more often and there is the undesirable level of humidity associated with the enclosed space of the viv..however as the lady of the house has a strong outlook on the issue, Maybe the aesthetic of a the table doesnt appeal? So maybe its matter of damage limitation and adopting a plan of minor alteration and regular maintenance and habitat variation to ensure the animals are given the optimum care with the resources at hand. That said, it is unfortunate that you are willingly starting paying for a less than ideal situation. My Mrs only tolerates my lot and once the big aquatic turtles come into the house for dry dock cycles in the next month or so it can be quite stressful for all involved when a poo isnt cleared from the dry dock units (aquatic turtle poo is utterly vile and noxious)

In Topic: My Tortoise Won't Burrow At Night

30 November 2012 - 03:23 PM

It could be individual specific behaviour. In a captive environment, some animals behave differently to others , even with the same stimuli. One of my ladies burrows down under a dry hide, in a chilly corner of her table atm, whereas in summer she made a dug out under a rock at night. Current nighttime table temps are as low as 10c, yet she digs out every morn and comes to the basking lamp..currently set for 23-25c in an effort so simulate seasonal Balkan temps, The other lady falls asleep , exposed in the centre of the table despite 8" of soil available and several hides of varying humidity and a few stones to dig under Whereas she was digging on days in the summer when the sun room and MVB might creep temps up into the mid/high thirties.
Maybe provide a variety of hides (flat stones on the substrate to dig into, tunnels, hebe saplings etc),but its hard to gauge every individuals behaviour..many of my aquatic turtles, blatantly fail to adhere to whet the experts profess their behaviour should be. If the tort is basking, eating and kept reasonably active you are getting the basics right ..but like raising kids, animals like to throw their own motifs into the script :!

In Topic: Help With Weight Gain

29 August 2012 - 12:53 PM

I've almost given up on the 2-4g per month rule..Initially on of my girls took off in April...and the last month the other girl has joined her in the turbo growth business....just make sure they have to plod around for a few hours before you feed them. I've found that more rocks and scrambling, plenty of burrowing and climbing has really helped even out growth

In Topic: Salmonella

21 August 2012 - 10:22 AM

Salmonella is present in the gut flora of many animals, reptiles no less than some. It is more closely associated in terms if transmission with freshwater turtle types. Many of the issues refer to handling and hygiene issues. I keep both torts and terrapins/turtles and am of the opinion that the tortoise with its semi arid habitat is of minimum risk. That said, never wash ones hands in anything less than soap and very warm water after any handling activities and keep the substrate clear of faecal material :crazy: . We have dogs, a cat, guinea pigs,chickens, freshwater turtles, tortoises and fish tanks. Without question the cats and the chickens are far filthier in terms of what has to be done for theam than a poor auld tortoise.......as for the tummy bug, if the restaurant wasnt the cleanest, stock not moving and the staff not the most observant of hygiene than thats the most likely source. :)

In Topic: Long Journeys

06 August 2012 - 01:01 PM

Made that mistake a few times ..takes the wee critters a while to get back into routine.and routine is a s important for our sanity as much as the tortoise's health