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Important For All, It Would Seem

17 June 2012 - 05:17 PM

It would seem that all is not well in the world of Herp keeping. Though I was initially sceptical of the issue on the grounds that it became prominent in my consciousness by an appeal for cash from an organisation that I considered just one of many, it is becoming apparent that a threat to the hobby is posed by the actions of those who have an agenda to stop the keeping of all exotic animals on ground that are inflexible and almost mindlessly militant/radical. This group of folk is spearheaded by the ASA..the type who release mink into pristine environments, poison hounds, threaten herp keepers and harass/ intimidate local politicians so much that expos are cancelled/ threatened with cancellation. No doubt these people have animal welfare on their minds to some extent..and this hobby encourages some terrible transportation conditions and husbandry practices for many animals. However this is tiny minority and becoming smaller all the time.
I am posting these links for your perusal. If this legislation comes into effect it will be blanket (one size fits all ) legislation..the cheapest most resource efficient to put in place. And seeing as this lot are very vocal/emotive and potentially extreme in their approach, it could well mean the end for our hobby. I initially shrugged off the thought 'til my Mrs mentioned the smoking ban as a precedent to this..and more folk like to smoke ( a far more expensive pastime as regard the cost to public health ) than keep herps. The UK has a reputation for passing inflexible and entrenched laws that are enforced by dutiful civil servants. This is real..though I would think twice before giving my money to anyone who is claiming to act on my behalf, without knowing their every move and without full answerability.
But maybe its time we started lobbying and supporting local expos. And for the few who dont have their animals in suitable conditions..its time to shun them commercially and pressure them to come up to standard.
Anyway , the links:

Weight Gain.

10 May 2012 - 12:03 PM

Good morning folks. I just completed my monthly weigh ins and have once more reason for concern about the growth rate of one of the Hermannis. Both are fed relatively frugally, with the odd day of nothing at all but a bath..however from december to march alot of florette rubbish was fed in adition to whatever weeds could be found.. Weights are in grammes. I'll post the weights since last June and see if anyone can notice a pattern..is weight gain individual specific or is it related to gender etc? Opinions appreciated.
Winnie Ollie
June 32 32 +4 +4
July 34 34 +2 +2
Aug 36 37 +2+3
Sept 37 39 +1+2
Oct 41 38 +4-1
Nov 45 42 +4+4
Dec 46 44 +1+2
Jan 54 52 +8+8
Feb 58 56 +4+4
Mar 63 61 +5+5
April 66 64 +3+3
May 76 68 +10+4

Please note that animals did not repond well to being denied hibernation thus lost weight in early winter.

Thanks in advance!

My Other Shelled...

17 April 2012 - 10:24 PM

There's the torts and then there's my longtime buddies..kept these as a kid in the '70s and into the late 80's as well..unfortunately learnt all i know now on the bones of the predecessors..I've kept several species over the years..just moved a 3kg chelydra serpentina to a zoo last october..gorgeous specimen...rescued him, fattened him up and he moved on..anyway heres a few photos...

Pond early (maybe late april) 2009
Posted Image

Pseudemys Peninsularis (peninsular cooter) male 8yo last autumn
Posted Image

Pseudemys Nelsoni (florida red belly) female 5yo last autumn
Posted Image

Family photo..a few scriptas (hybrids and YBS, a river cooter (Pseudemys Concinna Concinna) ..the red belly there as well)
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

The Chelydra Serpentina (common snapping turtle) hogging my 4' tank for 6 months..he ate lig a piggie and was accepted at a reptile zoo up the country....fabulous specimen. He had no health issues..the kid looked after him til he got bored and bought caimans, so no MBD.wasnt unhappy parting though
Posted Image

Cheeky pic of male Pseudemys Peninsularis basking beside pond..he's the only one to do this..the others vie for platform spaces
Posted Image

Little Ones

16 April 2012 - 07:07 PM

Winnie at 1 year old..last May/June.
Posted Image

Ollie taken last winter
Posted Image
Winnie last winter
Posted Image

The lads a few weeks ago
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Actually looking at these, I better ease off on the feeding a bit...

Just Arrived

13 April 2012 - 06:41 PM

Hi all, I just logged on here for the first time. Been keeping tortoises and terrapins since the 70's currently keeping two Hermanni Boettgeri '10 hatchings in Ireland. I also keep a load of freshwater turtles outdoors and indoors. I'm hoping to get access to more species specific information as regards the raising of the two torts. I received them with very slightly raised scutes (only a fingernails depth) and am trying to avoid any further raising. Their table is watered daily, the hide humidity is high and they only high fibre/ low oxalic weedseat plantain, cats ear, sow thistle and dandelion with a few blossoms/nasturtium/hebe etc every now and then. Hoping you lot can help..though i have little doubt I've met some of ye before...