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In Topic: First Time Owner - Food Help Please?

23 March 2016 - 10:50 AM

Well, whilst I await the seedlings to grow I've managed to get hold of some watercress & romain lettuce & Normy absolutely loves it! Hopefully his dandelions & clovers will be through soon enough :)

In Topic: Newbie - Hybernation Advice?

23 March 2016 - 10:36 AM

I'd be asking the store manager for some proof of this as any breeder knows, you cannot hatch a tortoise and grow it on in a Viv with constant heat and light. Not only would it not be possible from the outset, but a hatchling subjected to this regime would die very quickly. Would love to know who said this! As mentioned, do you have a certificate with him? This will tell you exactly where he came from. If not it will give the name of the holder in box 1 which means they bought them as imports to sell to the trade. You don't need the bedroom bit, better to have deep soil to dig into, the same as in nature. If you have him in a Viv, you could do with getting him into something larger and open topped, to give him more air circulation and a temperature gradient as constant high temps can be lethal unfortunately. From the 'advice' given I'm wondering if you have a horsfield, common in pet shops now with minimal advice offered.

Yes, his paper says the holder is Zoological International LTD, and he was captive born & bred or artificially propogated, whatever that means! By the looks of it he comes from Slovenia & his paper was issued in 2015 by AHVLA...

The 'bedroom' bit is just called that for my reference... It's just a part of the table top that's sectioned off a bit from the rest, so it's darker & cooler. I'm just worried about changing things up for him & freaking him out or something. This is Norman (The paper I have says he's a Hermann) :) He looks bigger in the picture than he actually is!

In Topic: First Time Owner - Food Help Please?

22 March 2016 - 09:58 PM

Pellets are not good for them and have poor thermoregulation property. You need soil or coir for him to dig into, deep enough for him to disappear underneath. The pellets are are from alfalfa, which can damage the kidneys when eaten, so best avoided.

Good job I've run out of pellets & need to clean him out then! Won't be going back to that store for advice but at least I know now! Thanks!

In Topic: First Time Owner - Food Help Please?

22 March 2016 - 11:11 AM

Thanks all! His flooring is Herbifloor pellets, so he gets a good dig, and he's bathed often to keep him hydrated. Luckily the weather's getting better now so he can go out more! I'll get to getting him his weeds & plants :) As you say wizzasmum, the internet thinks they're the expert so it's a little tricky sometimes!