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Insomniac Torty!

24 November 2012 - 09:31 PM

Hi all,
Been following the winding down advice and am halfway through the third week- no lamp, no heat no food, regular baths etc.
my fridge is up and running at around 5 degrees. It's specifically for torty nothing else.
However, last year I put him to sleep for the first time. Therefore he only slept for 3 or so weeks- and he didn't actually sleep! He kept poking his head out and wiggling when I looked at him or
weighed him.
This year he's not even winding down! He's on the rampage 3 weeks in even though he's not been fed!!!!! Climbing, digging, rushing to me when I walk in the room. And it's Baltic in my spare room!!!! Varies between about 8-11 degrees. I'm starting to feel soooo bad and considering keeping him up if he doesn't want to sleep? Worried being so active with no food is going to lead to weight loss before he goes in the fridge.
He's a Hermann so it's not his breed!
Anyone experience anything similar? Any tips ir advice? I keep telling him he doesn't know what he's missing? Weeks of sleep, I would love it lol!
Thanks in advance for any ideas

Concerned About My Little Guy

30 August 2012 - 09:34 PM

Hi all,
Been a lurker for ages but never posted. I was hoping for some advice. My torty seems to have lost his sparkle. He used to be a right monkey. Now he never comes out of his hide. He buries himself and if I don't wake him he doesn't come out. I place him under his lamp and within 5 minutes he's hiding again. He eats but only if I wake him, then hides again. His temps are correct in his tort table. He does the exact same thing when outside. I don't think he likes his uv bulb as if that's not on he stays out longer. Could the light be hurting him? He used to be such a lively little guy, climbing and getting into mischief, now he never moves. His mouth is nice and pink, he has no discharge anywhere, loves a bath etc. been like it for a few months now and with hibernation coming up I'm worried. Was hoping someone might be able to suggest something. Hope he's not in some sort of pain.
Emily x