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Hibernation Panic

28 December 2012 - 09:44 PM

Hello all. I am very worried about one of Torts who has been in hibernation in the fridge for 8 days now. I weighed him yesterday (1 week exactly fro when he went in) and he had gone from 336 to 317 grams where as most of my others lost no weight at all. What has actually alarmed me is that his eyes are open and he seems quite alert and today when I checked him he has pooed and still seems alert. The temps are at 3to 5 degrees . Wind down was followed to the letter. I hibernated him in exactly the same way last year and he did not behave in such a way at all. One of my others who is on her first hibernation rather than her second has her eyes open and is moving in her box but has lost no weight at all. Looking forward to help as I am really concerned thanks Suzi

Suprise Egg Laying 2 Weeks Before Wind Down

01 December 2012 - 11:54 PM

Hi all,
My question is this.. My plan was to start wind down in a week or so and a few days ago one of my females, Mavis laid a couple of eggs..first time eggs for me ( and Mavis come to that) I'm very excited about the eggs but now I'm wondering if it is safe to hibernate Mavis..
Thanks and I look forward to your advise
Suzi x

Female Agression Towards Other Female.

17 April 2012 - 08:33 PM

Can any one offer me any suggestions and advise regarding a problem with 2 of my Females.
My collection consists of a male and 2 females in one enclosure, who get along very well and in my other enclosure I have a male and female who have lived together very happily for some time as a very relaxed bonded pair. I have a 4th female who although being the same age as the female in the 'twosome'enclosure, is 200 gms lighter. My problem is that when I try to introduce the 4th female to the 'twosome' the larger female makes a b-line for the smaller one and mounts her. This makes the smaller female hide in her shell quite understandably and is making it impossible to let her live with them and become part of their group. My idea was to have my two enclosures with a male and 2 females a piece. Why would a female do this to another female? I have to keep the smaller female on her own in a viv with the doors off rather than let her enjoy my outside enclosure. I havent tried her with the established threesome as they are much much older and larger than she is. The oldest female is over 1kg and she weighs 300 gms. Is there anyone who can explain this behaviour? Will it ever improve? Do I need to let her mature on her own and grow some before I try to introduce them again? I dont like her being in the viv, even tho the doors are out of it and it is more like a tort-table on its side. It must be a tad boring for her when she could be enjoying the planted garden in my Tortoise enclosure. :(