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In Topic: Heat Lamp Recommendation?

20 November 2015 - 06:45 PM

Thanks! Guess I won't buy one then! :)

In Topic: Under Substrate Heating

20 November 2015 - 06:09 PM

Okay, I won't turn it on anymore, As for soaking the coir, I keep it the coir dry but he has a easy access swallow water dish and gets soaks several times a week.... I read on this forum that they "should never be subjected to damp conditions"  I copied and pasted this directly from this forum:



Housing: Hermann’s tortoises are best kept in outdoor enclosures where they can live in semi natural conditions. A well planted outdoor pen situated on well drained soil makes for a great captive environment for these tortoises. Do not construct pens on wet or moist areas and simply using a grassy lawn is not a good idea. Although Hermann’s tortoises prefer a bit more humidity in their environment than most other Testudo, they should never be subjected to damp situations.


I could get a humidifier to improve moisture in the air I suppose. I care very deeply for my tortoise and would do anything to improve his conditions and life. I appreciate your concern but he does not have pyramiding according to several experienced exotic vets ( as I said he was not in the best health when I rescued him from a pet store). And I feed him a variety of weeds and greens that are approved from the the tortoisetable website. He also has access to a cuttlefish bone for calcium supplementation.


Thanks again for the help and concern, I assure you I am doing my absolute best to give him the best life. Learning new things everyday. As you know it's sometimes tough to sift through the wrong information to get the correct information.