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Heat Lamp Recommendation?

20 November 2015 - 06:16 PM

Any recommendations for a quality night-time heat lamp? 

Under Substrate Heating

19 November 2015 - 06:04 PM

Hi, I have had my hermann tortoise, Mr. Rochester for about two years now. I built him a tortoise table about a year ago. His health and activity have improved immensely since the change (He suffered from chronic nasal irritation and sneezing). While building it, I read that heating beneath the substrate was recommended but now I'm also finding article that say their bellies are too sensitive for it. I built the table to include a heating cord that is covered in a layer of material I bought at a pet store and than a thick layer of coconut coir. The heating cord is only on one side of the enclosure so he can move if he gets too warm and I only have it plugged in at night when the UVA/UVB/heat lamp is turned off. The cord was made for reptiles and doesn't get warm enough to burn even with direct contact.  I'm not overly concerned because Mr. R seems healthy and happy but I wanted to get some experts thoughts on the matter just in case. Do I need to get rid of it? I've read that they are pretty good at regulating their temperature and will move if they are too hot or too cold, so as long as he has the ability to move to a warmer or cooler location in the enclosure he should be fine right?