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Hermann Eggs

18 September 2012 - 03:08 PM

Hi, we have some Hermann eggs laid by our 6 year old tortoise, that are 57 days old (just over 8 weeks). They are being incubated at around 31 degrees with a humidity between 70-80%. We candle them once every week or two, and my question is, would you always expect to see the tortoise moving at this point? When we candled them a week ago, it was black all the way around the egg but at one end you could see the shadow of the tortoise, it had a slight pink glow in the 'clear' bit of the egg and we could clearly see the tortoise moving inside. We thought this was great news as, obviously, the tortoise was alive at this point. The thing is, when we have candled it this week I can still clearly see the tortoise in there but it does not move at all. Also the empty end of the egg is now a yellow to clear colour instead of the pink tone from the previous weeks. I am wondering if this is normal, for it to not be seen to be moving inside the shell. Many thanks :)