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Confused Newbie Whose Inherited....

26 July 2016 - 06:52 AM

Hi everyone.  I stumbled across this forum while looking for advice.


We've inherited a Hermann from a friend who moved and didn't have the room.  He's got a Cert. from the EU showing he's been microchipped etc.  We got him last October.  But I'm panicking!


He's growing (obviously), not sure how old he is, but he's no more than about 2 and a half.  When we got him he was in a vivarium, with a heat mat, uv bulb and heat lamp.  My friend said the shop advised he wasn't allowed outside until he was 5..!!  So we've kept him in, and let him out in the living room etc.  However I'M TERRIFIED now about the vivarium thing.  Hence coming on here whilst reading they are the worst habitat for them.  So I've ordered a wooden 1.5 mtr width hexanganol sand pit which I am going to cut the base out of.  We have an old delapidated green house in the garden (with more panes missing than present), am thinking of lifting the slabs (underneath is firm dry compacted earth. Then putting the sandpit structure in there, then putting some rocks in the structure, planting some vegetation for him and bits for him to snaffle around and under.  Our garden is mostly lawn and it gets very damp underfoot first thing and last thing.


I'm sorry if I sound so ignorant and I'm betting you regulars are wincing at the "V" word but we really didn't know any better.  Does what I'm going to do sound ok?  If I also put some top soil and play sand in there too?  But I have a problem with electricity, I gather he will STILL need a heat bulb?  I am really REALLY going to struggle to get electricity there.  I would like to think we will be making a more "permanent" structure alongside a fence eventually, in the garden but I'm so worried about him being in that vivarium now, I need to get something sorted asap and then have a good think.  Just want to do the right thing by Carlos (his name(....


Any advice gratefully received and sorry for rambling!!