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Foundling With Pyramiding

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Posted 15 August 2016 - 09:37 PM

Hi all, thank you for accepting my membership. I need some help please. I became the sudden owner of a Hermanns tortoise last year. My elderly neighbour found her dog with the tortoise - we have no idea where she came from but there is a laneway behind our houses so we think someone dumped her. We took her to the vet (vet said it is a her) and they didn't hold much hope for her surviving but she did! I haven't owner reptiles before but I have always had pets and am an animal lover. After everything the poor little thing had been through I wanted to give her a home. She hibernated fine over winter. I have an indoor run and an outdoor run for her. She gets weeds from the garden, the odd tomato and has cuttlefish bone.


My question is that I believe she has bad pyramiding (I think bad, the vet said she had pyramiding) and I'm really concerned about how to fix it. I believe it's caused by over feeding - I fed her a lot when she was recovering and like I said, I've never owned reptiles before so I was learning as I went. I'm worried now that I've ruined her shell. What can I do to either fix it or stop it getting worse? I really want to be a good owner and for her to be happy and healthy.


Because she had open wounds I had to keep her on newspaper and towels. I have the red light and UV light. Should I give her clay in her indoor tank instead? When she's outside she's on grass and has feeds herself.


Thank you.


PS. She is missing the bits of shell around the edge, my neighbours dog had chewed through the shell. Am I correct that those bits won't grow back?

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Posted 15 August 2016 - 10:22 PM

It's great that you have rescued her and we are here to help you with her. Are you saying the pyramiding has occurred since you had her? Looking at her, it's not so much too much food, but the wrong diet and a possible lack of uvb and/or calcium. You don't need a red light, just the bright heat lamp and a uvb source. You can't reverse the pyramiding or the list she'll, but you can change her care and diet to help with her internal organs. When keeping her on towels, did you damp them? This would have helped with smooth growth, but without uvb or D3 supplements daily when growing she will not be in the best of health, so needs some tlc from now on. This is how I keep mine www.tortsmad.com she needs to be outdoors during summer but with backup heat for bad weather. She needs open accomodation when indoors, no tanks or vivariums, these just lead to ill health. Always think of what they have in nature and try to mimic this. Don't offer tomato as this upsets the gut flora ;)
Hope this helps :)

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