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Harry's Gone In

31 October 2018 - 07:48 PM

Well, Harry went in the fridge this evening, marking the end to another tort year. It was a great one, too, what with the glorious weather we had.

Wishing everyone's tortoise a successful hibernation; and that we can all rejoice next Spring on their re-emergence.


All the best, everyone       :thumbup:  :hugs:

Hollyhock Seeds

03 October 2018 - 10:19 AM

The hollyhocks I grew this year yielded flowers of a beautiful shade of scarlet. I harvested hundreds of seeds from them, so if anyone would like a packet to grow next spring, just PM me, and I'll be only to glad to send you some.




Many Happy Returns!

01 October 2018 - 04:34 PM

Happy Birthday, Karen, hope you had a great day!!

Harry's Summer

09 September 2018 - 08:22 AM

With this year's glorious summer coming to a close, here's few pics of Harry enjoying the season.


Catching the morning sun's rays:







Taking a siesta in the jungle area of his enclosure:





A trot around the garden via the path:






Taking shade under the carex grass:




Time for dinner:




And a hollyhock flower for afters:



New Roof

10 February 2018 - 05:00 PM

I made a new roof for Harry's house today; it was only supposed to take an hour or two, but took me about seven hours from beginning to end.

The original lasted five years, so I hope this one proves just as durable.

I'm now numb, wet and freezing  :sob:




Hope Harry likes it.