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In Topic: Unexpected Hatchlings Found?

07 October 2021 - 08:48 AM

Thanks very much!

In Topic: Unexpected Hatchlings Found?

05 October 2021 - 12:33 PM

I´ll ask him, when I see him. This year I had no reason to see him, not because of my torts and I did not accompany any other tortoise-keeper to the vet.

But I asked in a German forum, and nobody had had any difficulties like follicular statis so far, and nobody had even heard about it so far concerning tortoises.

Is there any PhD thesis or any other publication about this problem in Great Britain?

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03 October 2021 - 07:13 PM


In Topic: Its Getting Cold..

03 October 2021 - 09:44 AM

Please stop digging him out! And stop bathing him.


You see, he needs energy to dig himself in the ground again and again every day.


It´s an old fairy tale that a tortoise has to have an empty colon for hibernation. With an empty colon it is much more probable that spring starts with problems, such as posthibernale Anorexie.


Perhaps your tortoise has already done what is necessary. And if not, he can excrete feces even in lower temperatures as long as he is not in a fridge.


One of my tortoises, a 11 year old male one, has already disappeared in the ground for hibernation. It is very early, yes, but last year, he disappeared at the same time. They are wild animals and they know what to do.



In Topic: Unexpected Hatchlings Found?

12 September 2021 - 06:03 PM

your females could develop follicular statis.

Hm, I´ll ask my reptile vet what he thinks about it. Do you know how often this follicular statis happens? I´ve never heard of it in Germany, never read about it. I know several people who have been keeping old female torts for centuries now without problems.


I keep 9 adult females and found 85 eggs this year. In the cold frames -even in the dark sleeping-houses I found eggs- there are bottoms about 20 cm deap in the ground. I put them there only from the beginning of the egg-lying-time (end of April) until the end (midth of July). So I can feel along the the bottom with my hands and cannot miss eggs. My enclosures are really large and there are two little hills which they prefer for lying the eggs. But there are also some other places where they laid eggs in the past and each year they surprise me with new places. In 2003 and 2018 I found unexpected babies. So, I can not guarantee for finding all eggs.


Greats Germanlady