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Unexpected Hatchlings Found?

11 September 2021 - 06:08 PM

In 2003 I found 5 hatchlings in my tortoise enclosure. It was a very hot summer. They all turned female.

In 2018 I found hatchlings in the dark and not hot sleeping house in one of the cold frames. It was a hot summer, too.


Since then I have separated males and females, for I don´t want hatchlings.


This year, our summer was rather cold and wet. But - some people who keep tortoises (who I know personally or got to know via internet) found hatchlings. Just today I got such a message.


What about unexpected hatchlings in Great Britain?


Greats from Germanlady

Not Really Suitable, But Part Of Nature

01 August 2021 - 04:06 PM

Yesterday, when I was going to sit down with my icecream and watch my tortoises, I found two of them eating a fish! Well, it must have fallen down from the sky.

Some 100 metres from our house someone breeds fish. Since the middle ages they are breeding fish there. And Gray Herons often steel fish out of the water and sometimes lose it while flying.


I let my animals eat it. I thought that sometimes in Greece a fish falls from the sky, too.


I went to fetch my camera. Here are two videos and some photos:






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Kind regards


Back After Almost Three Years

13 June 2021 - 06:45 PM

Hi there,


I´m from Germany near Cologne, getting 70 at the end of the year. I haven´t been here since August 2018. In the meantime I reduced the number of my tortoises.


With much luck I found a middle-aged couple with a garden, 120 m². They are happy with four of my male tortoises. I am still a bit sad and I still miss them, even after two years. Richard, a male Graeca ibera, very old, in Germany since 1960/61 and a male Hermanni boettgeri, in Germany since 1964, old animals who spent their youth in Greece or in Turkey.


I was very much worried about what would happen to them, if I -one day- cannot care for them any more. Together with the two oldies two male youngsters (2010), which lived together with the oldies, moved into the new garden. There were no fights here and there are no fights in the new garden. Wonderful, makes me happy, even when I´m sad.


Last year, three female Greek tortoises, Hermanni boettgeri, moved to a nice lady in a garden of 80 m². The biggest one, Biggi, which I got from an animals home more than 20 years ago, must be kept away from any male tortoise, for she was injured by a male one. And the risk to get injured again, will be lifelong. With her, two youngsters, hatched 2007, moved gardens.


Both groups have a very good -how do you call it?- vegetable-glas-house? with the possibility to spend the winter in the ground, just as it was here in my garden. I am so satisfied.


You remember perhaps, I´v been keeping tortoises for more than 40 years now. I have many stories to tell. So people sometimes asked me why I don´t write a book about my tortoises. AND I DID!


Here is a link, which leads you to other links:



There is an E-book, too.



Of course, I have written in German. There are many photos. I don´t write only about my tortoises but also about the needed documents, about male and female and how they behave in groups, about hibernation and food. Sometimes the tortoises tell their special story.


If you like, you can order a book right here at my email-address: loremu@arcor.de

I´d like to sign it for you and write private words for you, if you tell me what you wish me to write down.

As the postage to UK is much higher than for sending within Germany, I would like to ask you for an addition of 1,70 € to the book-price of 24,68 €.


Well, by now, I still have my old Hermann, Thb, a little male one (hatched 2010) and nine female Thb, the youngest hatched 2010. For most of them, I found already a future keeper, for the time, when I can´t care for them anymore.


Because of the cold and wet springtime this year, all the plants for food have grown phantastically. So I go and look for plants to feed only twice or three times a week in nature, in a school-yard and on a cemetry. Very relaxed tortoise-keeping :)


I´m looking forward to reading here in this forum regularly again.


See you!