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sulcata tortoise

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#1 Guest_sobreeze_*

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Posted 26 April 2007 - 08:12 PM

i just adopted a 3 year old Sulcata tortoise about a week ago . I made her a tortotise table she has a heat lamp a uv lamp a sun deck a water pool a tree that came from her old home the beding is top soil and hay . I have been feeding her grasses and romaine I wash everything before feeding her . I put calcium supplement on her food everyday is this to much now my ?s . She does not eat the grasses she picks out the romaine she drinks good moves around alot sleeps at night and wakes up late morning and moves around most of the day. I realy want her to eat more grass but I dont want her hungry so what I do. Its to cold yet her for her to go out every day to graze she seems ok but need help . i am new with tortoises this is the only one and i want her to be ok . Also the lady I got her from said she likes clover but I read its not good for them true or not just need help learning to care for her . Tanks for your help.

#2 Guest_jadums_*

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Posted 27 April 2007 - 10:22 AM


I'm not expert on sulcatas but i think there is a website called sulcata station where u can get loads of info. Also if u follow the link below my na,me, go to contacts and email dawn then she will get back to u with loads of info as she has rehomed 2 sulcatas: 3 and 6yrs old :D

#3 Guest_sobreeze_*

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Posted 27 April 2007 - 01:02 PM

Thanks for your help I emailed from the link you gave me hope I get help that way Thanks again

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