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Too Light To Hibernate ?

25 October 2016 - 06:50 PM

Hi everyone 

I'm just a bit concerned about the weight of my tortoise at the moment. Been reading everything I can find, but I'm still unsure what to do. Hermy ( prev Hermione but I'm pretty sure SHE is a HE now) hatched sometime in 2012 and came to me in March 2014, He was over wintered for the first year and then last year escaped from his enclosure when being looked after whilst I was on holiday at the end of Aug/beg Sept. He reappeared thankfully in early March ! I was shocked as I really thought that was it, anyway after a trip to the vet and a hastily set up indoor enclosure has been fine ever since. He was pretty underweight but soon picked up when back outside over the summer and got up to 230g in August.

I brought him in after he decided to dig down for a few days in mid Sept and am doing all the usual things, daily baths,32 deg basking area,  Uv light , 20 deg cool end and he is eating but not a great deal. I even took him outside whilst I pottered in the garden today as we had a lovely sunny afternoon and he had a good old mooch about. My worry is that when I weighed him today he was only 185g, carapace length is 10cm and I had hoped to hibernate him probably in December. According to the Jacksons Ratio he is close to being too light to do so already. What do you reckon ?? Do I just continue and hopefully feed him up over the next month or so, or am I fighting a losing battle with his weight after last year and should I just overwinter again?



Any suggestions would be most appreciated!




Wendy  :thinking: