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Hibernation Benefits

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Posted 03 December 2012 - 12:07 PM

I have been hibernating torts successfully for the past 30 years. So I thought I would post the following information for the benefit of tortoise owners everywhere......

Hibernation is an essential part of a Hermanns' life. Because it begins at a cellular level in each individual tortoise you could say it's in a torts bones. They are predisposed both physically and genetically to hibernation.

When a tortoise hibernates it becomes biologically programmed to do so for the rest of its life. That is why it is so difficult to keep a tortoise up at a time when it should be hibernating. It is hard for a tortoise to fight this natural instinct. And so it can be seen that more than just heat and light is involved. Indeed a tortoise's biological clock will tell it when hibernation time comes around each year.

Hibernation is the most natural thing in the world for a Hermanns'. They are cold blooded creatures and are not designed to be active and eating all year round. Hibernation offers them a rest period in which their metabolism slows down and they get a chance to recharge themselves before the season begins again in spring.

Those of us who have studied natural history understand that Hermanns' have evolved as cold blooded creatures over many thousands of years and are designed to hibernate. Any other approach is not only unnatural but wrong.

Moreover, there is a wealth of experience that shows hibernation is in fact beneficial. I have a 50 year old female Hermanns' that I have been hibernating successfully for the past 30 years. She has never had any health problems. I put her constant good health and great longevity down to the fact that she has always been hibernated.

So, if you want your tortoise to live a long, healthy and happy life then I would highly recommend hibernation.

Darran the owner of this website and forum has a very useful guide to hibernation on the homepage. New and experienced owners would do well to read this information and apply it when hibernating their torts.

Best Regards


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