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Humidity Help Please!

28 May 2015 - 06:42 PM


I know my big girl, Barney, is going to lay her 2nd clutch very soon and so I've tried to be prepared this time. I have a homemade poly box incubator all set up and ready but I can't get the humidity up high enough! I know it needs to be 70% but I can't get it past 45%!! I have a heat mat on the bottom with a cooling rack on top and 2 sandwich boxes with damp vermiculite ready for eggs and the same sized sandwich box filled with water with a sponge floating in the water. The heat mat is consistently at 32 degrees as I just wasn't girls. Please help, what can I do?? :unsure2:


I haven't put in the air holes yet, how many and what size do I need? I don't want anoxia to occur :unsure:. Would this help the humidity??

Sorry for so many questions just getting worried.