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Our Tortoise Isn't Eating Since Coming Out Of Hibernation

02 June 2012 - 12:33 PM

My mums tortoise is a good 60+ years old (we don't know her exact age). It's typical for her to wake up very gradually and then not eat for a couple of weeks. She's an old girl and lost the use of her back legs a few years ago but, when she's awake, she certainly does eat well.

She started to stir about 3 weeks or so ago, we put her outside in the warm sunshine, gave her the usual warm baths but she's still not eating and seems very lethargic, only occasionally putting her head up and having a brief look around.

I'm wondering whether it's the changeable weather temperatures or if something more sinister is going on. Or have we woken her too early by mistake. We don't have a heat lamp and wondered whether we should try one.

I'd appreciate any thoughts please. If the situation doesn't change over the weekend, we'll have to take her to vets.