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Advice On Food For Early Waker

05 March 2018 - 06:42 PM



I haven't been on here for a few years as everything has been going smoothly but I'd really appreciate some advice please. 


I have two female Hermanns now aged 7, Daphne and Mabel. I have been hibernating them since they were 1 years old without any problems. They are hibernated in a fridge and the temperatures stay very constant. However, this year we had a series of power cuts  about a month ago  which seemed to effect Mabel. Since then she has been very restless and moving around a great deal - but eyes closed and seemingly still in hibernation. 


I opened the fridge for air yesterday and was greeted by a very awake Mabel trying to make her way out of the box. Temperatures were still cold inside the fridge - approx 5 degrees. The other tort remains fast asleep. 


I got her up, bathed her and put her under the lamps. There seem to be hardly any weeds around at the moment because of the cold temperatures so any advice on what to feed her in the short term would be great. I gave her some lambs lettuce out of a salad bag when she first came out - which she wolfed down but I'm not sure if these particularly suitable? Any suggestions for short term feeding would be gratefully received.