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Help Post Hibernation Advice Needed

04 February 2018 - 03:59 PM

Hi everyone, I havent posted since my Darwin came out of his first hibernation with great success last year, however, he came out of the fridge yesterday and all appeared normal, all weights checked throughout and only a small weight loss over the 12 weeks, he seemed fine and I presumed he was just going to start up again like last year, he had his head out looking around once he started to warm up, had a bath and then looked happy stretched out sunbathing under his lamp but was not at all interested in food, I just presumed that he was going to take a bit longer to get going but today after digging him up as he had partially buried himself he wont come out of his shell, I struggled to give him his morning bath so kept it Really shallow then popped him under his lamp thinking he is just being a bit tired, he is awake as his eyes are open and he does react when touched but just not active at all, I ended up having to move him out from under the lamp as he was feeling really warm. Does anyone know why he is being like this? Have tried tempting him with bits of food in front of him but he just pulls in more.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated as I am starting to get worried,