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tortoise activity

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#1 Guest_loopeylass_*

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Posted 19 December 2006 - 07:22 PM

Hi, Please can people give me a rough idea as to what is normal activity for a tortoise, should they be active throughout the day? or just come out in the morning for food then sleep then come out in the afternoon for food? are they active all day? I just really want to be sure that my tortoise is showing the right behaviour for a juvinille....she has had the all clear from the vet i guess i am still an anxious parent hehe and would like something to compare her behaviour to

thanks for your help


#2 Guest_cueboy_*

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Posted 19 December 2006 - 09:02 PM

Mine wakes up around 9, walks around for some time, eat a bit maybe and then goes to sleep until afternoon, and becomes more active. But it's not always the case, sometimes TT is up all day I guess it depends on their mood.

Although, in nature, they do take a nap at lunch, and goes after food later in the day.

And if they don't like to move at all, there might be a health issue.

#3 Guest_george_hermann_*

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Posted 20 December 2006 - 05:42 PM

I think the lack of mobility is seasonal. The consensus is that most tortoises are in hibernation at the moment, and those that are being over-wintered are generally appearing to wind down.

I've observed that their body clocks are quite finely tuned. Our three tortoises are under a 100W UV-Heat lamp (still awake because of RNS suffered in November) and even though the temps are hitting 31F, they've become unusually lethargic and are happy to burrow in the substrate for long periods of the day.

By contrast, in the summer they were like livewires, scuttling all over the garden and indoor pen.

Roll on those hot Summer days again. Neither George, Ringo, Herbie or I are Winter types x(

#4 Guest_arnhib_*

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Posted 22 December 2006 - 04:13 PM

Hello Charlie
You've had your little one a while now, so I'm sure you would know if she was really poorly, beleive me they do look ill, but they take a long time to show illness, shiny black eyes and a pink mouth are a good sign that all is well, if you can't open her mouth then offer her food and have a look when she takes a bite.
When that warm light goes on in the sky again, I'm sure she will liven up
Poor health signs to look out for are lethargic droppy head eyes half shut, a very pale mouth and their nose should be dry, but not when eating or bathing

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