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Help needed - breeding

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#1 Guest_rebecca_*

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Posted 26 November 2007 - 01:01 AM

Hi, I have a 28 yr old male and 11 yr old female tortoise and I have introduced them this year for the first time. (I live in NZ so the weather is just warming up here!) Naturally I am pretty new to this and just want to know what is normal. Tom pursues Tilly endlessly trying to bite her legs etc. So far she has not sustained any injuries but I have noticed she is a bit jumpy when I approach her. Tom is not really trying to climb on her back or anything, just sniffing and trying to bite her. I have watched them for half an hour or so today and then seperated them as I feel so sorry for Tilly. Is this the right thing to do? Please help! Any advice greatly appreciated!

#2 Guest_Jo_1984_*

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Posted 26 November 2007 - 01:29 PM

Sounds like normal male hermann behaviour :-)
I think its normally reccomended that if u keep males/females together the ratio is at least 1 male to every 4 females, so you've done the right thing separating them. Male hermanns can be very persistant to say the least!!
I didn't know you could keep tortoises in New Zealand :)Have u had them very long?
Jo x

#3 Guest_rebecca_*

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Posted 26 November 2007 - 09:22 PM

Hi Jo, Thanks for your reply. Tortoises are pretty rare over here and have not beeen imported for years and years. We have had Tom for about 8 years and Tilly for almost a year.

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