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First hibernation.

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#1 Guest_ellie_*

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Posted 30 September 2008 - 05:18 PM

Hi all

This is the first year I am going to hibernate my two. I am a little bit jittery on it to be honest.

I have started to 'not feed' them now because they dont seem interested and are slowing down now anyway. Im starting to drop the temp and light every few days to simulate too.

First of all am I doing this correctly and second what is the best thing to use to maintain a correct balance of temp. Would a big box with straw and paper clippings be enough , and put under the stairs. ?

If im right is it about 3 weeks without food that they take to fully clear themselves out.? At what point do you decide to place them in whatever and pack them away until april. Its hard for me to grasp that you pack them up and put them away.

God i sound so thick.!


#2 Guest_lilacgeorge_*

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Posted 30 September 2008 - 07:18 PM

Hi Elle,

Firstly do not use straw as this has been found to cause quite a few problems. Also unless you can maintain a temperature of between 3 - 7 degrees below the stairs then that too will be unsuitable....sorry!

The best way to hibernate - particulary if you are inexperienced (please don't take offence - in fact I use this method and I'm sure quite a few of us do!) - is the fridge method. Are you able to get hold of a small larder fridge or a beer fridge? Look on freecyle or in your local paper you may be able to pick one up for free!

How long are you hibernating for? You really need to try and aim to have them asleep at least through the colder months - jan & feb - if possible, can you not try and keep them eating for a bit longer?

#3 Guest_ellie_*

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Posted 01 October 2008 - 07:33 PM


I can keep them going for a little longer . I will have a look on freecycle and other places for something suitable. I was planning on running them down throughout october then going for it from november until march.

Thanks for your advice.:7

#4 Guest_lilacgeorge_*

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Posted 01 October 2008 - 08:50 PM

Exactly what I'm doing!!!!! ;-)

Stay in touch during this time though so we can all help each other through it....:7

#5 Guest_ellie_*

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Posted 03 October 2008 - 01:33 PM

ok will do thanks for helping


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