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Cold tortoise Help PLEASE.

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Posted 21 May 2007 - 08:49 PM


I have two Horse field torts (2 years old) and they starting behaving in the same manner, not eating, sleeping most if not all the day and staying in the cooler end of the viv, i tried putting them in a table top and they were not happy, since then i have put them back in the viv and kept their two 100watt bulbs on all day to lift the temp (they are in a big viv), they are both much better thou their eating is still limited but much better

you say you only have a 100 watt at one side, depending on how big the table top is that may not be enough and also you dont state if they still have a uv on,, if not then you may need to chance the 100 watt to one that is combined of both uv and basking, you dont say how old these little torts are but im guessing they are either babies or still very young

As for when it hot enough to go outside i wouldn't do it just yet with them having trouble with their temps, with horse fields is warm enough if you can go otside with only a t-shirt on and not feel the cold

Hope this helps


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