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Is he a poorly tortoise

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#1 Guest_Silver_*

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Posted 16 May 2007 - 05:21 PM

Hello everyone,
My little horsfield tortoise, Silver, has not been himself this last week. Hes about 3yrs old and I've had him since December. He has lost his appetite and has gone from being a very inquisitive little guy to sleeping all day and only emerging when I bath him. He'll eat a little dandelion after his bath but then its straight back to burying himself and sleeping.

I keep him in a vivarium with the top and front removed and his substrate is 50% soil and 50% sand. I have a heat lamp that he use to love basking under but seems to have lost interest in. I feed him mainly on dandelions, nettles and clover with the odd bit of lettuce and cabbage.

Anyone have any ideas what maybe up and if it could be serious. If i need to take him to the vet could anyone recommend a specialist in the Guildford area of Surrey. Im new to caring for tortoises and any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

#2 Guest_andrew b 1_*

Guest_andrew b 1_*
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Posted 16 May 2007 - 05:37 PM

take him out of the viv and get a table top, this will make him feel very happy, it gets very hot and stuffy in a viv and they cant control heat, that is what is making him feel bad. he needs fresh air and vivs cant do that. someone else should be able to provide more info

#3 Guest_yellow shell_*

Guest_yellow shell_*
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Posted 16 May 2007 - 05:54 PM

[updated:LAST EDITED ON 16-05-07 AT 05:55 PM (GMT)] we've had a horsfield for a couple of years and he also sleeps a lot, but if i turn his lamp off he will go for a wander round. just your tortoise out of the viv for 5 mins and see what he(or she) does.

#4 Guest_Silver_*

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Posted 16 May 2007 - 06:00 PM

I usually let him wander around my room and when its hot outside he wanders out on the grass. but again he will bask in the heat for a short while then find a dark corner to sleep him. he use to be a great wander and loved roaming about the room but has just lost interest.

#5 Guest_luckyuk_*

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Posted 16 May 2007 - 06:07 PM

[updated:LAST EDITED ON 16-05-07 AT 06:12 PM (GMT)]Hi,
I dont know much about horsfields but i did some research and found this with might explain a few things.

Hope this helps

#6 Guest_smokey_*

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Posted 16 May 2007 - 07:13 PM


I'm new to this forum so forgive me if this is posted in the wrong place

I also have two horsefield tots, both male and both in a separated viv, my problem is the same Shadow who is the smallest seems to have the lack of eating or wandering, i've tried every piece of veg from crated carrots, lettuce such as lambs lettuce (her (yes just found out she is a he) favorite) to parsnip with no joy, he takes a small bite and then thats it. i've checked his eyes, breathing and making sure that no problems with pooing and urinating, he enjoys a bath but still no eating, Harry seems fine again but lack of eating just not as bad as Shadow. their weight is Shadow 8oz and harry 100z - is this a good weight for two year olds?

I've had them both since August 2005 with no probs till the last month or so.

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