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Imported torts.

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#1 Guest_pies_*

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Posted 30 August 2007 - 10:09 AM

I keep seeing posts about Slovenian torts. I'd just like to repeat a post I've just put on the Hermann forum and add a little more.
Our two Med Spur Thighs came from a breeder a couple of miles from where we live. Mum & Dad (George & Mildred) had their certificates & all the hatchlings already had theirs ready to be handed over to the buyers. It's the safest way to buy. We can be certain of their origin & they did not have to endure a long journey under God knows what conditions.
Go to a reputable breeder or specialist pet shop & insist on a cert at the time of purchase. NO CERT - NO SALE.
Personally, I would also say, buy only UK bred. We don't want to get back to the bad old days when torts were shipped all over the world to satisfy the pet trade, with the vast majority found to be dead on arrival. Just because they are CLAIMED to be captive bred, doesn't mean they are & even if they are captive bred, long journeys can be bad news for any animal.
Remember there are many desperate & unscrupulous people in this world who are looking to make a fast buck regardless of the pain & suffering they may cause. It has to be said that some ex Eastern Block countries are spawning all manner of underhand activity, and with a laptop & printer it would be easy to counterfeit a certificate from that country in order to obtain a DEFRA certificate for the UK.
If we refuse to buy imported animals, the trade will stop. This might be bad news for those individauls already in UK pet shops, but I believe it would be best in the long run for all torts & other animals alike.

That's it; I've had my say. I'm off to see to my two little chums now. Good grief, I feel like I've had a Victor Meldrew moment.}> :7

#2 Guest_maz_*

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Posted 30 August 2007 - 08:23 PM

Keep up the moments, someone has to speak up for these animals, well done,
Regards Maz

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