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Posted 16 February 2009 - 05:17 PM

[quote name='Lin' date='Jan 30 2009, 08:07 AM' post='30294']
I'm starting to plan the new run and was going to get a 4x2 toll shed for their bedroom, but have seen a plasic tool store in Argos that's a little bit smaller, but tall enough to fix a lamp in and I would make a couple of holes for them to come out of. Any views whether it would be suitable?
Hi Lin
This in my opinion one of the best little set ups I've seen, Box has insulation at the top so the lamp doesn't burn the roof, 100 watt bulb I think she uses with a pig lamp dome, then lower down about 10" off the floor there is a tube heater for cold nights, or you could take the tort in when the temps go below 10 degree's at night.
This has a small opening just big enough for the tort,( that helps to keep the cold out, )he next section is plastic or glass or poly-carbonate, which then leads into a small, but tortoise friendly garden with 12/18" log roll this is only suitable for one tort, the ideal is to give them as much room as possible to roa about, but not every garden can do that
Hope it loads up:-)

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Posted 16 February 2009 - 10:16 PM

Penny has lived outside all her life (she's 40 plus) with no heat - just a little house. When my mum was ill we moved Penny to our house and installed a little house in the greenhouse with a heatlamp etc. That was the first half of the year. After that we moved to something more suited to her. Her house was a rabbit hutch with half the door cut off. We installed it inside our shed against the wall and cut a door in the shed wall to the outside. We then built her an outside enclosure. She lives out there year round and seems happy enough - though she would prefer the run of the garden as she had at my mums. Unfortunately ours is not totally tortoise proof and I can't risk her escaping so she's confined! Last year we used UPVC stuff to build her a porch so can sit at the doorway on rainy days / windy days and not get the full force of it.

When she hibernates (she decides that for herself) we block the doorway off with a piece of wood to keep out drafts and turn the tube heater on so it kicks in if the temp drops too low. At home she never had heat while hibernating (and even hibernated in the earth one year - mum was convinced she'd been stolen!) but it's a bit colder here and I worry more so the heat is there.

We have chickens now so I'll wait to see what they make of her. If they're a pain then we may have to block off her run somehow - at the moment it's open and they can just hop in there!

If I'm totally honest I'd like to move her further down the garden so she has more sun in the morning but after all the work my husband did laying metal grid flooring (she likes to dig) and building walls - I suspect he won't agree!

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