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#1 Guest_seesaw_*

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Posted 03 June 2005 - 02:49 PM

I have had my tortoise for around a year and has always been in perfect health. When i watched him eating earlier, i noticed a little cluster of brown spots on the tongue. The tongue is otherwise pink. Any ideas?

Should i take him to the vets or is there another explanation?

#2 Guest_arnhib_*

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Posted 03 June 2005 - 07:45 PM

Hello Graham
Are the spots still there?, if so buy some Betadine, I think Boots sell small bottles, dilute a small amount down till it looks like weak tea. Using a cotton bud gentley rub some on the spots

#3 Guest_seesaw_*

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Posted 03 June 2005 - 09:13 PM

They are still there. But i dont think they're as bad as they were. What actually are they?

I'll try what you said, but its difficult to get his mouth open because his head is small.

Thanks for the advice, and get back to me if you think of anything else.

#4 Guest_fred_*

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Posted 03 June 2005 - 10:23 PM

When my torts eat alot of dandilions that sometimes leaves the tongues covered with brown marks!could this be it,just a thought Fred

#5 Guest_seesaw_*

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Posted 04 June 2005 - 01:36 AM

Hi Fred,

I have been feeding my tortoise weeds that are home grown. But i have been feeding him dandilions this year more than anything else.
I should have said that he eats and drinks well and is very active. He shows no sign of illness, in the way he looks or acts.

If it is the dandilions! Does anyone have an explanation for it? I always wash them before i feed him.

I hope this is the cause! I have looked at all my books and read numerous articles from the tortoise trust, but they only mention mouth rot, which he shows no symptoms of.

So if this is caused by dandilions, then im asuming it doesn't need treatment.


Thanks to Fred and anyone else who replies to the thread. THAT RHYMES, IM CLEARLY IN THE WRONG BUSINESS.

#6 Guest_marvellous_*

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Posted 10 June 2005 - 02:18 PM

Different foods can stain the torts tongue.I have never heard of Betadine to be put in a torts mouth,I know it is used for the treatment of shell rot but not heard of it been given orally so i would not advise this.



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