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Please give me some advise

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#1 Guest_mm0625_*

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Posted 30 April 2009 - 01:16 PM

Hi everyone, I just have a pair of breeding pair hermmans...they called bobo & meme. Just got them back since last month & they register papaper work said they both bored in 2003. but seems the lenght and size for both of them more than I thought. Well... doesn't matter now..just need some advise for how to keep them happy & let them lay eggs? should I put some compost or soil in their cage for them all the time? what is the temp? how much compost or soil i need to put it? I don't have garden in my house...bcoz i lived in apartment type. no garden. so I can't setup outdoor for them....! please help me....! Before I bring them back..they already has 5 eggs last two months ago. but not suscessful hatching. That's why the owner sold to me.
Please give me advise how to give them warm and nice home for them lay eggs when they ready!!!
I do very appreciated that. :rolleyes:

#2 Guest_lilacgeorge_*

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Posted 30 April 2009 - 01:49 PM

Hi, welcome to the forum..

Didn't you ask advise on this before???

I'm no expert in the breeding department (DARRAN!!! Your Speciality!!!) but I think these two are far too young to be breeding. It does tend to go more on the size (particulary for the female in order for her to carry the eggs safely) but for 6 year old torts I would assume they are still too small??? Females normally reach sexual maturuty at the approx age of 7 - 12 yrs, males mature about 2 yrs earlier. To allow the immature female to become gravid could result in her becoming egg-bound. Who-ever sold them as a 'breeding pair' needs to be shot! The owner clearly saw an opportunity to make lots of money - I assume you paid lots for them....no wonder the last clutch of eggs were unsuccessful!

As for 'making them happy so they lay eggs' a female will not lay her eggs until the conditions are right... if they're not right for her, she will not lay and can retain the eggs for up to 4 years!!! Again this can result in health implications for her so is best avoided! They need 'natural' conditions and it doesn't matter what you do, if she's not happy....

I also feel that breeding torts when you have no outdoor enclosure could be classed as 'irresponsible' - sorry I'm not being nasty, just realistic. If and when you have hatchlings you will naturally want them to go the best home possible, how can you preach that when the tortoises have no outdoor enclosure and so are not living a 'near natural' existance... If and when my torts eventually breed, the requirements for any of my hatchlings new homes would be both a suitable indoor AND outdoor environment agmonst other things. They should be outdoors as much as possible as they are a wild animal that cannot be domesticated so need to have a 'natural' as possible habitat.

Please think very carefully and seriously before taking on these torts....

I am sorry if I have in anyway upset or offended you - I honestly don't mean to and hope that you understand what I'm trying to say is just common-sense not insults :wub:

#3 Guest_mm0625_*

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Posted 01 May 2009 - 10:36 AM

hi ..thank you for your advised...you didnt upset me...no worry..i do understand the tortoise need to be outdoor more than indoor... at this stage..i only can give them indoor...becoz just moved in this new apartment...it shame!! & i do worry about them not happy enough...well...i will give them outdoor when I have time...will try build up nature outdoor feel for them inside my house... which grow some plants like a garden for them too...!
This breeding pair should be older than I thought...coz the size of them was very large....and healthy....! they not look like age 6.... they look more older than 8-9 year's old! Friend of my bcoz their house have too many pets... hes got a huge tortoise.... and lots of turtle and diffent dogs.... well..thats why they can't keep them..so I bought over from them.... is not that expensive than I bought the 1st pair in 9 year's ago..I still have a pair in manchester... they called toby & bb...I have them 9 years now....! Will bring back and join this breeding together soon!
Well... I bit scare if I'm back from work and saw got eggs in the cage....that's why I'm asking advised ....!they breeding pair seem very happy at moment...! hopefully I can see them lay eggs in one day too!!! Well... I 'll try to make them in nice and good conditions and comfort for them!!!
Thank you for you reply...! I'll upload them picture soon!

So,you can have a look!

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