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Eating and Outside Enclosures

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#1 Guest_Gwen_*

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Posted 04 July 2005 - 01:21 PM

This is probably a really daft question but I need to ask it anyway.

When I put my hermanns, Sam, outside how do I know that he is not over eating. I weigh him before he goes out and when I bring him back in but I know that this is not a good indication of how much he has eaten!!

I worry about it all the time because I have really been through the mill with Sam and I have reached a point after 3 - 4 years where he is actually healthy and I dont want to see him go all lumpy now. I got him when he was a year old. He is 6 years old now, weights 264 gms and is 80 cm (plastron) and his shell is very smooth. I think he is probably a bit overweight and I need to rectify this. I worry about the amounts that he is eating when outside because I cant monitor it. I know exactly what he is eating because he doesnt eat anything that I havent grown myself (apart from the odd slug!!). I bring him indoors at night to his tortoise table and put him back out again in the morning (I know this is not good but I cant bring myself to leave him outside he has been such a vulnerable poorly wee thing that I really fuss over him and worry about him - I know I need to rectify this soon!!)

Thank you, Gwen

#2 Guest_Joanne666_*

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Posted 05 July 2005 - 07:36 AM

Hi Gwen,

Its best to just weigh your tort once a week, as a visit to the toilet can make a big difference.
Letting your tort wander around his enclosure and providing plants for him to eat, is actually prefereable to plonking a load of food in front of his face, which can encourage over eating.
It sounds like your doing a great job with his food, try not to worry too much :-) Try to aim for around 3grames a month weight gain.
Your tort will be fine outside overnight you know :-) My 10month old has been out permanently for about 2 months now and they much prefer it, its good for them to feel the natural drop in temps on a night and they thrive being outdoors. As long as the temps arent going below 5 celcius, he'll be fine
Hope this helps

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