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feeding an eastern Herman

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#1 Guest_indianaturtles_*

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Posted 10 July 2005 - 03:48 PM

I have an eastern herman, about 5 months old. He seems to be growing too fast. Right now I feed him daily on weeds from my yard, all recommended by tlady and others that have experience. I have him outside for 3-10 hours/day. He gets shaved cuttlebone on his food often. About once weekly I give him one Mazuri tortoise pellet,and he is soaked daily. He is showing signs of early pyramiding, and I would like to avoid further damage.
What am I doing wrong?

#2 Guest_Joanne666_*

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Posted 10 July 2005 - 09:03 PM

In a word......pellets :-(
The people who invented these should be force fed them for the rest of their lives :-(
Pellets are very high in protein and low in fibre. A tort must have a high fibre, low protein diet to avoid pyramiding, please chuck them out. The rest of his diet is fine but the pellets will undo all that good food im afraid.
Incidentally, do use nutrobal or similar D3 substitute?
You can leave the cuttlefish whole, just break off the rough outer layer, your tort will nibble on the cuttlefish whenever he likes. Limestone flour is another excellent form of calcium carbonate, and unlike nutrobal, is impossible to overdose on, any excess is merely excreted.
Unfortunately you cannot undo the pyramiding, but with the correct food you can stop it getting any worse. As a rough guide to the right amount of food, dont feed anymore than you think would fit over his shell, like a leafy jacket, and aim for a monthly weight gain of between 3 to 4 grammes.
Hope this helps

#3 Guest_indianaturtles_*

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Posted 10 July 2005 - 09:14 PM

Wow, thanks, I didn't know about the pellets!

Where can I get limestone flour? Is that a type of fertilizer?

#4 Guest_Joanne666_*

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Posted 11 July 2005 - 07:57 AM

Its okay, Im so pleased you asked !!

You can get limestone flour at any horse feed outlet. It usually comes in 3kg tubs for about 3.00. Its very popular amongst horse owners for helping bone density in foals, and its a brilliant susbtitute for torts too. You just sprinkle over their food (wet their food first, it sticks better) and you cannot overdose them on it.
I also mixed a full tub in the soil/sand mixture in the enclosure, then any plants growing there are enriched with limestone. Leave some in a small pot and you tort will just help himself. You cannot give too much of it
Baileys seems to be the most popular brand, just make sure its 'feed grade' not agricultural grade.
Hope this helps

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