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Just woke my tortoise during hibernation - what should I do now?

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#1 Guest_Gordon's owner_*

Guest_Gordon's owner_*
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Posted 14 December 2009 - 12:28 PM

My tortoise began hibernating about 2 weeks ago. I went weigh him just now, and in doing so disturbed him. He has now popped his head out of his shell, his eyes are open, and he is trying to have a look round. Is it safe to continue hibernating him?
Thank you,

#2 Guest_wizzasmum_*

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Posted 14 December 2009 - 03:33 PM

Yes, try to reduce the temps to help him go off. After 2 weeks they are not in hibernation deeply. Don't check on them in a warm room though or where it is very light as this WILL wake them up. If in a fridge in the house then check when the heating is off to be on the safe side.

#3 Guest_jay_*

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Posted 14 December 2009 - 03:43 PM

on my first weight check my horsefield had his eyes wide open his legs moved and he hissed i think he just did not want to be disturbed but now in third week he's settled,is your tort a horsefield?apparantley horsefields take longer to settle and mine also burrowed down under the shredded paper,is your tort in the fridge,and how are you coping with the temps,i have had problems,try to continue with hibernation,do regular weight checks only with draw if you have any problems.
Jay and H

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