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paint on shell

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#1 Guest_DEDLIN_*

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Posted 19 July 2005 - 08:25 AM

my new hermans has what looks like a blob of paint on the shell. i tried to wash/pick it off but no luck. any ideas?

#2 Guest_Joanne666_*

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Posted 19 July 2005 - 11:07 AM

Hi Debs,

Paint can be difficult to get off :-( Was this put on by the breeder to distinguish between them ?
A soft childs toothbrush can be used gently, but quite often paint just has to come off naturally, tippex is a better option as it comes off a bit easier.
How much paint is there?

#3 Guest_DEDLIN_*

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Posted 19 July 2005 - 11:11 AM


its about a half inch blob on the side of his back. breeder didnt know why it was there. as long as it comes off eventually i dont mind but i would hate it to be permanent!

#4 Guest_vee_*

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Posted 19 July 2005 - 12:01 PM

It will definately come off, before the days of microchipping my Dad used to paint our address on the tortoises shells. After a summer of activity, hibernation and their post hibernation bath it was always worn off.


#5 Guest_Joanne666_*

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Posted 19 July 2005 - 05:44 PM

Hi Vee,

I wouldnt recommend doing that now :-(
Paint not only stops vital UVB being absorbed it can also poison them :-(

I would recommend securing your garden as an alternative

#6 Guest_loopylucy1234567890_*

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Posted 19 July 2005 - 05:47 PM

Surely the paint won't affect the tortoise that much?
And if it's been on for that long then are you sure its definately paint?

#7 Guest_Humphrey_*

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Posted 19 July 2005 - 10:53 PM

Often the paint does wear off by itself over time, mine took about a year and its barely visable.

To remove it you could try gently rubbing with the likes of an emery board but carefully so not to damage shell by going too far, or if it could be tippex which is commonly used, a tiny amount of nail polish remover should work but do wash the tort thoroughly afterwards.

As Vee said this used to be a regular thing but less common nowadays.
Some breeders use a *tiny* amount of nail polish to identify torts but so tiny it is off very quickly!


#8 Guest_Joanne666_*

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Posted 20 July 2005 - 11:31 AM

[updated:LAST EDITED ON 20-07-05 AT 11:41 AM (GMT)]Yes Lucy the paint will affect it that much !! Paint is the absolute worst to get off, it can be stuck of for years :-(
The shell is part of the tortoise, its full of nerve endings and tiny pores to allow UVB to filter thro and create vitamin D. If you cover that up you run the risk of poisoning and metabolic bone disease if the suns rays cant come through.
A tortoise shell is a beautiful thing to see, why cover it up !!

#9 Guest_DEDLIN_*

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Posted 21 July 2005 - 07:35 PM

thanks for the advice. i got it off with a nail varnish remover pad- rubbed gently and then he had a good bath.

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