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weight again sorry

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#1 Guest_clairiscrazy_*

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Posted 25 February 2010 - 11:39 AM

i wonder if ill ever stop worrying about weight gain in my three babys..lol..

anyway here goes

Boris 70g on first day of hibernation wind down.... day of wake up 13th feb 53g..
then on 22feb only 59g..

Betty 69g first dau hibernation wind down... wake up 13th feb 55g.
then 22nd feb 69g

Boop 71g on first day of hibernation wind down..wake up 13th feb 56g..
then 22nd feb 65g

so as you can see Boris is the worry is weight gain since wake up is only 6g were as the other two have 14g and 9g also the other two were first to munch away boris took about 2-3 days before he started eating again,

infact its almost role reversal boris used to be the first to do everything and get into everything now he seems to be the last to do things,

boop and betty are roaming around loads now and they never used to so thats also changed..lol.. dont get me wrong boris is still roaming around and CLIMBING GRRRR!..lol.. but he seems to off taken a back seat compared to last year..

is it because he was so active during hibernation?? were as the other two never moved a foot..

i am thinking this year i will change to soil for there hibernation as paper got a tad messy on weigh day..lmao..

but over all i am pleased there first hibernation is under my belt and they came out of it ok x

#2 Guest_Hettie_*

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Posted 25 February 2010 - 09:03 PM

Hi Clair,

My little chaps aren't exactly tearing around either, more of a kind of gentle amble!!

I am waiting for the brighter light levels in Spring and wonder if that will get them moving around more. They are all up early in the mornings now and move towards their heat/light first thing, whereas before hibernation they would stay in their hides.

Actually, while they're not racing I don't worry so much about coming home to find a 'flip over'. :rolleyes: I shall make the most of that while it lasts!!

Paula x

#3 Guest_cyberangel_*

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Posted 25 February 2010 - 09:15 PM

If they appear healthy and are eating and drinking, then dont worry. If one is putting on too much weight, feed this one seperately:0) If one is not putting on as much, then yippee :0)

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