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finally getting rid of the viv!!

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#1 Guest_tasmin_*

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Posted 14 March 2010 - 08:22 PM

Hello all! I don't know if you remember I posted a message a while back and basically I wasn't sure whether I should re-home my torts cos I didn't have room to take them out of the vivarium and didn't know what to do for the best?

Well after reading messages posted on here,I decided to buy an indoor rabbit hutch for my torts so the cats can't get them, and I am keeping my babies!! yay!!! I need some advice though, am I able to put the bulbs inside the hutch providing they aren't too close and won't burn them? (it is the same height as the viv so I honestly can't see a problem)

Also, have I done the right thing? I was so annoyed, after being convinced the viv is not the way to go, I went to the pet shop to get a rabbit hutch but wasn't too sure what size would be best, so I asked the tortoise 'experts' and she basically talked me out of getting them! oooh I was so confused!! so I went to a different pet shop and bought the cages without telling anyone what they were for!!

I am doing the right thing taking them out of the vivarium aren't I? I know I am I just need it confirming.

Also, another question, my cat likes to cwtch up with my tort in the vivarium cos its nice and warm (but they are always opposite ends and my cat is very protective of them!! she loves them!) but can she catch anything from them? lately she has been sneezing and her breathing is a bit off, anything to do with the torts do you think? I'm very worried about this and have stopped her going in :-(

Thank you all so much for your help xx

#2 Guest_Hermie + Pebble_*

Guest_Hermie + Pebble_*
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Posted 14 March 2010 - 08:46 PM

So glad you are keeping them, and really glad they are out of the viv.

Have a look through the pics on here, a couple of people have posted pictures of their rabbit cage setups, have a look and you can see the way the lamps are done.

I wouldn't let the cat in with them, lovely as she might be with them. Cats like to play and torts have a tendancy to bite, not worth the risk to the tort if the cat turned and gave it a swipe. Not sure about the health implications to either of them, torts can carry salmonella, but might be other things that could pass to the other. Hope your cat is ok though.

Feel free to ask anything and everything- always someone on here who has thought it, asked it or answered it :D :LOL: :P

Lezlie xx

#3 Guest_tasmin_*

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Posted 15 March 2010 - 09:22 PM


Thank you for the reply! yes I am glad they are coming out of the viv! going to finish work early tomorrow to get cracking on it, i can't wait!

I understand what you are saying about the cat and tortoise, the tortoise has already bitten her tail when he was out walking around my room!! my cat just meowed, ran away, then came back and nuzzled the tortoise and went to sleep! she's lush, but she won't be mixing with them anymore anyway. So no worries there :-)

I meant to ask too, the woman in the pet shop said tortoises are very thick...Personally I must be blessed with 2 brainy tortoises if they are! are they "thick" generally?


#4 Guest_tasmin_*

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Posted 15 March 2010 - 09:33 PM

ps...before you all think I am a careless irresponsible owner, my cat isn't an "ordinary" cat, she's a Ragdoll breed so very very docile in nature!! I won't let the other cats near the tortoises, I wouldn't trust them for a second!! :-) xx

#5 Guest_Dawn_*

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Posted 15 March 2010 - 09:35 PM

""I meant to ask too, the woman in the pet shop said tortoises are very thick...Personally I must be blessed with 2 brainy tortoises if they are! are they "thick" generally?""

Hmmmmmmm, I don't think its the torts that are thick is it 'Ms Pet Shop Owner'.................

Well done for moving your torts to a better environment :wub:

Can I also say, its nice to see someone come on here, tell us about setup & conditions etc, and when advised that maybe what they are doing is not ideal, actually act on the advice given! Huge pat on the back to you ;)

Your torts are very lucky that you changed your mind :wub:

#6 Guest_tasmin_*

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Posted 15 March 2010 - 09:46 PM

I am so glad you think the Pet shop owner is thick, because it really miffed me when she said this!! she was trying to convince me to keep the vivarium because they need the heat, so I said to her they bask under the bulb for heat and need a cooler area, which they haven't got in the viv. She replied that the torts will be cold all the time because they are extremely thick and wouldn't think about going under the heat bulb! WELL I thought, calling the little darlings thick indeed!!

Thank you for the pat on the back :D but its all of you who give such helpful advice that deserve a pat on the back, and its great because I feel able to ask anything and be honest, and any form of criticism is appreciated because it is in the best interest of our little friends!! :D


#7 Guest_Hermie + Pebble_*

Guest_Hermie + Pebble_*
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Posted 15 March 2010 - 10:14 PM

Wouldn't it be nice to hear of a positive story about a pet shop giving the right advice!?

But seeing as that story seems to be waiting for Hans Christian Anderson to write it........ !!!!

I don't find my torts to be very thick..... they manage to find the water, the food, the heat and even come when called. Like little dogs without the fur to clog the hoover.


#8 Guest_Lin_*

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Posted 16 March 2010 - 08:32 AM

Going back to one of your earlier posts, I've got an indoor rabbit hutch now (new puppy needed the dog crate) and there is enough height to put in the lamp and light.

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